10 unpopular opinions about the Russo Brothers’ films, according to Reddit


The Russo brothers instantly became famous directors for creating some of the best films in the Marvel Cinematic universe, but they disappointed thousands of fans by confirming that they would not return in Avengers 5 and 6. But that’s not the only reason they’ve been talked about so much over the last week, since their latest directorial work (which Joe Russo also wrote) “The Grey Man” was recently released exclusively on Netflix.

The film was not so well received, and due to its mediocre reception, it has generated extremely unpopular opinions that fluctuate both ways. But the Netflix release of 2022 is far from their only film to which Reddit users have hot views, and some bold commentators have even criticized their Marvel films.

“The Avengers” is better than Russo’s films

When asked about their unpopular opinions about Marvel, Sefandrius prepared a long list of criticisms of the directing duo. The redditor states: “I like Joss Whedon’s The Avengers more than Russo.” Although Reddit users are certainly in the minority, they are right.

When “The Avengers” was first released, it was the best that fans could get, and at that time no one could imagine that a sequel could be better. Even Whedon didn’t believe it, as he failed to create a satisfactory sequel to Avengers: Age of Ultron. But the MCU has changed so much since 2012, and the one-two punch of “Infinity War” and “Finale” is one of the greatest cinematic achievements in storytelling and blockbuster creation.

They don’t know how to film the action

The Russo brothers began their career in comedy, as “You, Me and Dupree” and their episodes of the beloved sitcom “Community” were the two biggest entries in their filmography. Therefore, it was a huge surprise when they were announced as the directors of the film “The First Avenger: The Winter Soldier”, one of the most action-packed films of the MCU, given that it is a spy thriller.

However, the risk paid off, as they presented some of the most exciting action scenes in the franchise, and even their films that received negative reviews contain excellent action. But Thirtyfiveowls disagrees, noting: “All the battle scenes in “Civil War”, “Infinity War” and “Finale” are rough shots of the two sides running towards each other.” To be fair, the Redditor is not wrong, but these frames have also become a trademark of the MCU, and fans would be disappointed if these frames were missing.

cherry is great

Three years before the success of “Avengers: Finale,” moviegoers are starting to wonder if Russo can create a great movie that isn’t an epic superhero movie. At that time, the filmmakers made two films, and neither of them was well received, the first of which was “Cherry.” The film is about a former soldier who decides to rob banks to finance his drug addiction.

The 2021 movie is Russo’s worst movie, but Reddit user Maxcoffie loves the crime drama. The redditor states: “I really liked it. And Holland killed. It’s definitely a tough watch, though.” While the film has received many negative reviews, Holland surprisingly penetrates the psyche of a veteran suffering from post-traumatic stress, and some drug-related episodes are heartbreaking.

The Civil War is an excuse for the scene of one big fight

Redditor DoctorSmith01 is extremely critical of the entire Captain America trilogy, especially Captain America: Standoff. Redditor claims: “Then there’s the Civil War, which was essentially just a duty to shoot a big fight scene and set up the rest of Phase 3. After a while, the action gets a little boring because it’s just a punch.”

The redditor is right, since there is no doubt that everyone is waiting for the main event, a fight at the airport, when they turn on the movie. However, there’s no denying that Steve and Tony’s breakup isn’t one of the most compelling narratives in the MCU. Fans have already split into two separate factions, Team Cap and Team Iron Man, even before the release of the film.

“The Grey Man” is the worst movie ever made

“The Grey Man” was the director duo’s second chance to prove they could shoot exciting action movies outside of the MCU, and they didn’t quite succeed. On the website Rotten Tomatoes, the film received a “rotten” rating and was criticized for intermittent editing, poor computer graphics and a boring plot. However, it’s not as bad as OptimalBeans claims, which calls it the worst movie ever made.

The Redditor comments: “This movie is filled with stereotypical nonsense. Of course, this is a film with high production value, but it was absolutely terrible.” The new Netflix movie may not be very good, but it still has some advantages. The entire Prague episode is one of the best action movies in any 2022 movie, Chris Evans is great as a clumsy, bloodthirsty psychopath, and it’s full of hilarious quips.


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