10 unpopular opinions about the animated series “Young Titans”, according to Reddit


In a recent interview with Screen Rant, Tara Strong, the legendary Raven voice actress, shared her thoughts about the rumors about the reboot of everyone’s favorite animated series “Young Titans” in 2003, as well as how the series ended.

The idea of reviving the “Young Titans” seems unpopular to some fans in the community. This, however, is not the only unpopular opinion about the beloved Cartoon Network classics, fans on Reddit have many unpopular opinions about the DC Comics animated children’s show.

Cyborg was underused

Half human, half machine, Cyborg is a strong Titan and a character in general, overcoming many challenges both in his personal life and in cooperation with the Titans. Not only that, but Cyborg also turned out to be a key supporter of his friends.

Julianrobotnik states that “… I just wish his arc in the third season was also well told. I can’t help but think that the writers didn’t treat this character with enough care and respect.” Although fans may be unhappy with the Cyborg arc in season 3, it still provided Cyborg with a potential love interest for Jinx, and also gave Cyborg reasons to upgrade and try again with the Titans after some tension arose between him and the other contestants, setting the tone with which he has been showing it since the end of the 3rd season to the end of the show.

Raven and Starfire should not have been ponerflen

Fan favorites Raven and Starfire are two of the strongest female characters of the Young Titans, and not only in the original animated series. With abilities such as energy explosion and healing factor for Starfire, as well as manipulation of darkness and psychokinesis for Raven, these two ladies can potentially destroy many villains that the Titans face themselves with one shot.

Fans such as theanchorman05 defend Raven, stating that “… in the original cartoon “Young Titans” Raven’s abilities are too understated.” Meanwhile, LEGOsrule99 offers his opinion on Starfire’s weakened abilities: “I love Starfire… but compared to her comic counterpart, they were VERY nervous about her.” While it’s clear that Starfire and Raven have been weakened, there’s a good reason for that. “Young Titans” is a show aimed at a younger audience, and it would be much shorter, and the lessons of perseverance that the series teaches a younger audience in the defeat or struggle of each Titan would be lost if Raven and Starfire were in full comic force.

Beast Boy and Starfire should be sent

Carefree and empathetic Beast Boy is one of the most popular and cute Teen Titans characters. Starfire has similar personalities and they get along well with each other. However, none of these characters originally come with each other, as Beast Boy comes with Raven and Starfire with Robin.

Some fans believe that Starfire and Beast Boy are better suited to each other, and Working_Doctor_5404 perfectly explained the train of thought, stating: “I think BBStar works thematically… they both suffered from an unwanted, painful transformation at some point in their lives and they were both betrayed by their relatives.” Beast Boy and Starfire had a lot in common and tender moments in the show together, perhaps more than Beast Boy and Raven. However, Starfire and Robin have a lot more chemistry and moments, and Beast Boy has made it clear that he has some feelings for Raven throughout the show.

Robin is not given justice in the show

The leader of the Titans, Robin is probably one of the most popular and iconic superheroes of all time thanks to his active collaboration with both Batman and the Young Titans over the years. Robin is also a very well-received character in the Teen Titans fandom, with the exception of a minority of fans who disagree.

Some fans put Robin in the last place among the main characters and are even dissatisfied with his personality. WardenBlackheart states: “I agree that Robin is not the best of the three when it comes to male personalities in the group… I think Robin is too much like Batman in this particular series, and he needs to channel his suave and funny comic personality a bit. more.”Robin is known for being constantly tense and focused on his heroic duties during screen time, like his mentor from Gotham, so it’s easy to see the point of view of some fans in this argument.

Bumblebee is Better for Cyborg than Jinx

Throughout the series, the half-robot Cyborg hero has a roller coaster relationship with the young villainess Jinx like a roller coaster. While there’s plenty of evidence and chemistry for the pair, Cyborg also has great chemistry with fellow Titan Bumblebee, and some fans think the insect-inspired hero is a better match for the Titans’ technical genius.

Apprehensive-Fail663 presented a brief comparison and juxtaposition of the two potential ships when they said: “I’ve always seen that Cyborg and Bumblebee have more chemistry than Cyborg and Jinx. I understand where the Sinx shippers come from…