10 unpopular Opinions about Catwoman, according to Reddit


Catwoman first appeared in Batman comics back in 1940, making her one of the first costumed villains to appear in his comics. By the time Adam West’s TV show began, Catwoman had become one of his most popular villains thanks to the actresses playing a role in this series.

After a Long Halloween, Catwoman has changed forever, abandoning her pure villainous role as an antihero. When Batman Returns, Catwoman changed even more, and DC decided to increase her fame in comics as well. However, this does not mean that everyone is a Team of Catwoman, as there are very unpopular opinions about her on Reddit.

Not a fan of the ship Catwoman-Batman

For years, Batman fans have wanted to see him with Catwoman. Although he had a dangerous relationship with one of his best female villains in Talia al Ghul, which led to the birth of Damian Wayne, fans fell in love with Catwoman. This was especially true after the Batman Returns movie teased him so much. However, not everyone wants to see it.

One reader who is not a fan is lilynguyen289 on Reddit, who posted a thread simply with the headline “unpopular opinion: Not the biggest fan of Catwoman and the Ship.” Some of the answers agreed with them, stating that Tom King’s escape with the wedding ruined it for them.

Catwoman is overrated

There are several villains who often appear in superhero movies and TV series. In the Batman world, the unpopular opinion about the Joker is that he appears too much and is a mainstay for writers, as well as producers of TV shows and films about Batman. It turns out that some people treat Catwoman the same way.

On Reddit, wickedvicked wrote: “Catwoman is overrated and should stop appearing in the media about Batman.” They went on to say that she was “not that interesting” and that “a lot of other female characters” could be included.

Catwoman doesn’t work as a character

Catwoman has been Batman’s favorite character since Adam West’s TV show, and her popularity has grown even more after a Long Halloween made her more of an antihero than a full-fledged villain. She doesn’t have the unstable nature of other Batman villains, and she is a shade of gray in a universe that needs it.

However, GeraldEdgseffecaddy wrote on Reddit that Catwoman was their least favorite character. They simply described her as “some lady in a jumpsuit that is supposed to be very seductive and fatal.” Many superhero characters can be reduced to simplistic basics, but Catwoman seems to be a particularly notable criminal to a select few readers.

Talia Al Ghul is the best character

Batman has had several serious love affairs in his life, but two of the longest were his former villains. One of them was Catwoman, with whom he had been associated since the 1940s. The other is Talia al Ghul, who debuted in the 1970s with her father, the evil Ras al Ghul. Although Batman almost married Catwoman, he had a baby from Thalia.

According to Cesar0fr0me on Reddit, Talia was a “more interesting love interest” than Catwoman. This relationship may have led to the birth of Damian Wayne, but it has always been toxic and has never been as healthy for Bruce as a relationship with Catwoman.

Catwoman should only be a sex symbol

Catwoman has been considered a sexy femme fatale since the days of Adam West and Batman. This became a reality in “Batman Returns” thanks to the game by Michelle Pfeiffer. On Reddit, GoldLightzz wrote that they hate Catwoman because her sole purpose is “to be a sex symbol,” and that she takes away any property she appears in.

The redditor also said that this was a problem in The Dark Knight Rises, although she wasn’t actively sexualized there. Although Catwoman did occasionally use her sexuality to her advantage, many other fans have stated that they like how she can own her sexuality and use it to her advantage.

Batman was supposed to marry Catwoman

Many Batman fans like the relationship between Batman and Catwoman the most, as long as they remain flirtatious and are not something too serious. However, when they almost got married, it could have been a major turning point for both comic book characters.

With that said, Worm wrote that they “liked the idea of Batman actually marrying a Catwoman,” which is one of their unpopular opinions. The wedding never happened, and it really complicated their relationship in every way, but most fans seem to prefer it that way.

Michelle Pfeiffer Wasn’t An Amazing Catwoman

Looking at the live versions of Catwoman, most people agree that there is one that stands above them all. With the exception of people who consider Adam West’s TV show, as far as movies are concerned, most people look at Michelle Pfeiffer as the defining character role.

On Reddit, escodoozer disagrees with this opinion. “She’s hot,” they wrote. “But that’s it. I don’t understand why people are hyping this to be a good performance.”