10 Underrated or Unknown Villains Who Should Join DC EU


Fans will have to continue waiting for the next installment in the DC Extended Universe as Black Adam won’t arrive in theaters until October, over eight months since the last with Peacemaker. The film will finally introduce Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Teth-Adam aka Black Adam, the villain turned anti-hero, as he goes up against the Justice Society of America, Intergang, and a mysterious new adversary.

It is shaping to look like an exciting new addition to the muddled franchise, and if it succeeds it might mark an important pattern for the DCEU. Recently, they’ve been showcasing many of the villains as protagonists with The Suicide Squad too, so there is a chance that they could dig further into the trenches and introduce any of these lesser-known or less-respected villains.


One underrated DC villain has been getting a great reinvigoration over the past few years in both tv and comics, so the DCEU should take the plunge and introduce Kite-Man to live-action. Technically, he is already part of the DCEU, being referenced in Peacemaker, but that’s the extent of it. His role in Harley Quinn strangely set him up as a ridiculous character with plenty of on-screen potential.

Kite-Man will be part of the spin-off Noonan’s – though he is not alone for deserving such a show. Since he has a history with Peacemaker he would make a great addition in the highly-anticipated second season. Otherwise, he would be a fun fit for Suicide Squad 3 and James Gunn has previously stated he is interested in the character.

Killer Moth

Upcoming Suicide Squad films or tv shows are a great fit for many of these lesser-known or strange villains, such as Drury Walker aka Killer Moth. He was initially introduced in 1951 as a foil and adversary to Batman – an unpowered man with his gimmicky technology and gear. However, he has grown over the subsequent decades to live up to his name more.

He is still a relatively low-level criminal and villain, especially compared to the like so of Batman’s iconic rogues’ gallery. Any film or TV show could also adapt his time as Charaxes, in which he becomes a killing moth monster.


If The Suicide Squad can believably introduce two anthropomorphic animals as supervillains audiences want to watch with King Shark and the Weasel, it can be done again for a character like Ultra-Humanite. He is a recurring villain for Superman, a mad scientist turned into a super-powerful and intelligent gorilla.

What might surprise people is that Ultra-Humanite is DC Comics’ first supervillain, introduced in Action Comics #13 in 1939. He’s had a rightful life in animated series like Young Justice and Justice League, but never in live-action. Peacemaker showed they can use gorillas in the franchise, so the door is open for Ultra-Humanite – the same could be said for Gorilla Grodd and Gorilla City too.

Felix Faust

An important missing element that could help reimagine the DCEU is supernatural stories and characters from the comics. JJ Abrams is creating a few series for HBO Max about Justice League Dark and related characters, such as Zatanna, John Constantine, and Madame Xanadu. If this is the case, they’ll have to introduce a powerful magical enemy, and Felix Faust would be a likely choice.

Though a prominent villain throughout the comics, he wouldn’t be high on the list of the most popular – incorporating him into the DCEU could rectify that. He is a power-hungry sorcerer, he is constantly looking for new methods to restore himself to his prime and steal the magic of his enemies. Whether the adversary to one hero or the entire team, his arrival does feel somewhat imminent should the projects proceed normally.


Following the upheaval and controversies surrounding Justice League, fans’ will likely have to wait a long while for a sequel. The franchise is currently choosing to focus on the characters individually, rather than rushing team-ups and crossovers. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped some eager fans from sharing their ideas for who could be the villain in Justice League 2 on Reddit, with some supporting claims for Despero.

He is an incredibly powerful galactic conqueror whose strength could even rival Superman’s, but his true power comes with his third eye, which grants him mind-control over his enemies. Despite being a consistent opponent to the Justice League and a member of the Injustice League, he is still not widely recognized compared to Earthly villains like Joker or Lex Luthor.


If Felix Faust was to be the main antagonist opposing John Constantine in his proposed HBO Max series, the big bad for Justice League Dark could end up being Eclipso. He is a powerful cosmic entity representing pure evil and wrath, thus making him incredibly difficult to defeat. Eclipso uses black diamonds to possess humans and exact his justice.

Eventually, he was supplanted by Spectre, a hero in the Justice Society of America who could also be incorporated into the DCEU. His origins were later altered slightly to have him connect with Princess Amaya aka Amethyst, a young hero from Gemworld. He would make a great addition to one of the major crossovers since he can possess his enemies, thus pitting them against one another.

Royal Flush Gang

Some DC villains are so niched that they don’t always feel like a piece within the universe, and that would be the case for the Royal Flush Gang. They are a team of thieves based on the royal flush in poker and they are commonly presented as adversaries to the Justice League. While they would regularly be recognized as a five- or six-person group – dependent on if Wild Card is involved – they do grow to a large criminal organization.

This could make them a set of great antagonists for a DCEU film, whether the large Royal Flush Gang is going up against the entire Justice League or in a solo film. It would be interesting to see how they could be adapted aesthetically into the DCEU, so perhaps going up against a character like the Batgirl might be a good fit.


Despite being the first hero introduced into the DCEU with Man of Steel nearly a decade ago, Superman has been woefully mismanaged. At this point, fans are nervous to see Henry Cavill will ever reprise his role – though some have theorized how it could be handled. This puts many characters’ involvement in the DCEU in a state of limbo, but Supergirl might be able to rectify that.

There would be several great Superman villains to choose from, like Brainiac, Metallo, or Bizarro, but they might want to pick someone a bit farther down that list, Parasite. He can absorb the powers, memories, and life energy of his enemies, using them to cause chaos all over the world. Therefore, he could be the perfect antagonist for a new hero like Supergirl to discover and hone all of her abilities.


While Batman and Superman would be rightfully recognized for having the most iconic rogues’ galleries in DC comics, the Flash is also high up on that list. His rogues’ gallery forms a team called the Rogues, consisting of villains like Captain Cold, Mirror Master, Golden Glider, and Weather Wizard to name a few.

Even together, the Rogues are still vastly overshadowed by other DC villains. Their time in the DCEU is likely still farther down the line. The Flash is seemingly adapting the Flashpoint storyline, something they are not involved in, and any sequel is up in the air given the turmoil still surrounding the first film.

Condiment King

The Suicide Squad managed to make villains like Polka-Dot Man and Ratcatcher feel oddly authentic in this world, despite their strange powers and stories. The same could be applied to one of Batman’s weirdest villains, Condiment King. They could update him to make him seem at least a bit more formidable, perhaps by giving his condiments an acidic edge.

If done right, many fans would be very intrigued to see this character actually in live-action, or at least referenced by Peacemaker. They could get a funny actor to come in briefly for a fun cameo just to show the character getting beaten up by the likes of Peacemaker, Task Force X, Batgirl, or any character.