10 TV series and movies worth watching after the Netflix series “Boo-bitch”


Halloween may be months away, but that doesn’t mean it’s too early to start celebrating with hilarious ghostly TV shows like Netflix’s new teen miniseries “Boo, Bitch.” The eight-part series tells the story of two best friends who spent their school years sticking their noses in books, and finally went out to a party only to wake up and find out that one of them is dead and, therefore, is a ghost.

Boo, Bitch is a fast and fun binge, which organically combines TV genres. It touches on the supernatural, includes all the iconic high school teen moments, and even has a romantic arc. There really is something for everyone. And the best part is that after the fans finish “Boo, bitch”, there will be a lot of similar shows and movies that you can watch to continue the fun.

Alexa and Katie (2018-2020)
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“Alexa and Katie” is a Netflix teen sitcom that lasted three seasons and gathered loyal fans. The series tells the story of Alex and Katie, two childhood best friends who want to go to high school together. While entering high school is accompanied by the usual excitement, Alexa and Katie have even more worries on their plate, as Alexa has just spent the summer in cancer treatment.

Although there are no supernatural storylines in the series “Alexa and Katie”, the series is an excellent composition because of the friendship that the two girls have. Like Erica and Gia in “Boo,” Bitch, Alexa and Katie are best friends who fight but always make up.

Bookstore (2019)
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Booksmart 2019 is arguably one of the best teen movies of the 2010s and arguably one of the greatest teen movies of all time. The comedy tells about Amy and Molly, two best friends and excellent students who realize that they missed all the most interesting things that high school has to offer. To correct their mistakes, the girls decide to have a party all night on the eve of graduation.

Like Erica and Gia, Amy and Molly have put their academic careers ahead of the fun that high school can offer, and are beginning to regret this mistake. Both groups of these best friends get into wild school adventures that will make every viewer remember their wild school years.

If I Stay (2014)
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If I Stay is an adaptation of Gayle Forman’s novel of the same name for young adults. It tells the story of Mia, a talented cellist who finds herself between life and death when her family gets into a fatal car accident while trying to visit her grandparents. Since the rest of her family is dead, Mia must decide whether she will join the afterlife or stay for the people who are begging her to wake up in the real world.

While “Boo, Bitch” touches on the idea of ghosts and the afterlife in a comedic way, “If I Stay” does it more dramatically. However, the show and the movie have a lot in common, and both of them emphasize the power of love in all its various forms.

Julie and the Ghosts (2020)
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The underrated Julie and the Ghosts was one of Netflix’s best teen shows, and yet the streaming service decided to cancel it after one season for some reason. The teen musical comedy series tells the story of Julie, a grieving, musically gifted teenager whose musical spark was revived after accidentally calling a trio of ghostly guys who were previously in the band.

It’s the perfect show for fans if they like the ghostly elements of “Boo, bitch.” The rules for ghosts are very similar in the sense that only some people can see them. They can also manipulate the world around them in a similar way, such as messing with lights.

Mean Girls (2005)
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The cult teen classic “Mean Girls” centers on Kady Heron, a homeschooling student who has spent most of her life in Africa with her parents. Back in the United States, Kady goes to an ordinary high school, where she eventually befriends the most popular clique of girls in school under the guise of sabotaging Regina George’s queen bee. However, as Kady spends more time with them, she becomes like them.

“Mean Girls” is the perfect movie for fans who liked Erica’s plot in “Boo, Bitch” when she went from being a nobody in high school to the most popular girl in the class. Erica and Kady embark on the same journey as they both fall in love with Queen bee’s boyfriend and find themselves drawn into the very things they once hated.

I’ve Never been (2020-)
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Mindy Kaling has created several cult shows, but one of her best works is the Netflix youth comedy “I’ve Never Been.” After a traumatic first year, Devi becomes obsessed with climbing the social ladder in high school and the best second year of her life. Her plan is to find a hot guy, which strains other relationships in her life.

Devi and Erica have strong personalities that can easily prove themselves badly if they use the wrong tools.


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