10 TV and movie franchises with clones


Although cloning has become possible in the real world since scientists made the breakthrough with Dolly the Sheep (via the National Museum of Scotland), they have yet to repeat this success with humanity. However, recent cinematic franchises have put this concept first and center, either paying homage to classic science fiction, or perhaps promoting relevant narratives in a fresh and unpredictable manner.

Whether it’s major space battles or sitcoms, the concept of cloning has been used in many places. This continues to attract the audience, as the philosophical implications of recreating a person can cause all sorts of conflicts between the characters.

Star Wars

From “Attack of the Clones” to “Clone Wars” and “Bad Batch,” the cloning process is central to “Star Wars.” There is a whole conflict named after the mysterious army of copies of Jango Fett, which were secretly ordered by Palpatine himself.

Clones play such an integral role in a galaxy far, far away, playing an important role not only in the battle against the separatists, but also, ultimately, in the execution of Order 66. However, one of the most important storylines here is the fact that clones still treat individuals.

Black Orphan

The hugely underrated series “Black Orphan” shows how Sarah Manning reveals several versions of herself. Having found out that she is the center of the clone conspiracy, the series sends viewers on a journey, as several iterations of the same character from different walks of life are presented.

The show steps from a detective thriller into the realm of science fiction, and Tatiana Maslany’s performance is sensational. Hence the tropes of the genre, from amazing clone exchanges to conversations about identity and belonging. This is also swirling even in the field of body modification and mutation.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has introduced a series of cloning in the image of Macy. While similar genetic science has been used to animate the dinosaurs themselves, albeit with a bit of experimentation with hybrids to get the right look, in Macy’s case she is a pure human clone.

Dominion pushed this idea further, exploring the backstory of why Macy was cloned in the first place and what consequences it could have for the whole world. Ultimately, the Jurassic Park series itself would not have existed without the basic cloning pathway from the DNA found in this original mosquito.

Living with Yourself

The Netflix comedy series starring Paul Rudd and Aisling Bee, “Living with Yourself,” was overlooked by many, but it was a surprisingly touching and hilarious look at the cloning genre. Miles Radda wanted to lead a better life and therefore goes on a journey to change himself.

The procedure actually clones Miles, removing his terrible features so that the new version of the character can live a better life. The problem is that the original Miles are not recycled. The series turns into exciting territory as the bizarre concept reveals psychological and practical issues to the fullest.

Legends of Tomorrow

DC Comics is no stranger to creating narratives with famous science fiction plots. Legends Of Tomorrow drew on this with its original character Ava Sharp. She was once the leader of the Bureau of Time, but her reality collapses when she learns the truth about her origins.

The Ava clone created by Bishop is one of millions, each of which is designed to perform a specific task. However, the ava, who were introduced to the fans, have a mind and can make their own choice. Sharpe may have a fictional backstory and life, but the personality and movements she makes as a Legend actually belong to her.

Alex Ryder

There is something unique in every book by Alex Ryder, and in Point Blanc, the character saw himself being cloned. An academy is being created for rich and troubled boys with the idea that they can be cloned and sent back to society, thereby contributing to the creation of a network of influential people.

The narrative has been translated into an ongoing TV show, where the process of cloning Alex begins, since Point Blanc does not know that he is not who he claims to be. It’s an exciting combination of espionage and scientific facts, brought to eleven, in a way that only Anthony Horrowitz could pull off.


The TV show “Guardians” has entered a new territory, unfolding the history of comics in different directions. Ozymandias’ fate was one of those areas that fans were intrigued about. It turns out that he spent some time trapped on the moon, creating clones for himself.

These clones served Adrian Veidt tirelessly, but also created their own infrastructure (including the court). Although they were unhappy with the way they were treated, given that he cared little for their lives, in the end they were still subdued and left behind after Ozymandias’ escape.