10 touching quotes from the Amazon series “The Summer when I became beautiful”


The premiere of the new Amazon series “The Summer I Loved” took place on June 17, just in time for the warm season. The series is a coming-of-age story centered on a teenage girl named Belly and her path to love. The show highlights the carefree feeling of youth in summer and the challenges that life throws at Belly and the people around her.

Viewers will dive right into this wholesome and romantic story because of the innocence of it all and the charming characters. There are touching moments in the series that have become one of the best touching quotes of the season.

Belly reflects on his love for summer
“For me, everything good, everything magical happens between the months from June to August.”

Belle spends every summer with her mother’s best friend Suzanne and her sons, Conrad and Jeremy. Belli appreciates how she can relax in the country and be herself.

She romanticizes how carefree summer is away. For her, everything that matters happens in the summer, when she can escape from her reality. She can be close to her lifelong love, Conrad, and her best friend Jeremiah. In general, she is happier here and considers life in the country her safe place. Belly even mentions that it’s just a place for mothers and children, as she doesn’t include anyone else in this world.

the stomach meets the camera, which takes it out of the sink
“This could be my summer wish. Tonight. This boy.”

On the first night on the beach, Cousins Belly spends an eventful evening, which includes a meeting with a local boy named Cam. He notices her, and she realizes that she wants to live a summer full of events.

For many years, Belle has been wishing for something exciting to happen, and she sincerely believes that this could be the summer when everything changes for her. She could find someone to fall in love with, who would fall in love with her. This summer she will take a chance, because she could never do it before when she was too young. Belly appreciates that she has this moment for herself. This is a show about capturing the teenage experience, and Belly plans to live this summer as freely as possible.

the belly changes the cycle of its summer
“I thought this summer would be the same as all other summers, but it’s not. Because I won’t let it be.”

Belle is used to the familiarity of every summer she spends at Cousins Beach. The boys walk and have fun while she spends time at home with their mothers. She’s waiting on the sidelines for something special to happen. However, this summer she is going to make her own adventure.

The belly embodies how to live freely and enjoy youth in the summer, because it is fleeting. She decides she’s going to stand up for herself and try something new, and maybe things will change for the better. She hopes that Conrad will notice her, and perhaps the boys will see how much she has grown if she takes a chance and changes her usual lifestyle.

Susannah comforts her stomach
“You don’t look the same. You’re blossoming.”

Lola Tung is a perfectly matched coming-of-age main character because of her acting and her innocence. However, her character, Belle, is used to being overlooked. Suzanne notes how much she has matured and comforts her when she doesn’t believe it.

Suzanne is the person Belle is looking at, so she believes every word she says. It’s nice to know that this time she can accept her changes and learn to be self-confident. It’s a nice and rewarding moment, but it also highlights how Suzanne appreciates that Belly is growing up and everything is changing in their family dynamics.

Jeremiah Tell Belly to be special
, “You’re the main character, Belly.”

Belly thinks her best friend Taylor is prettier. She is more sociable and achieves what she wants. She constantly feels that she cannot be the one who will outshine her.

In a salutary moment, Jeremiah admires Belle for who she is. He tells her that she has to accept how much she has changed and blossomed, and why she shouldn’t feel second to Taylor. He flirts with the idea of becoming her knight and shining armor, complimenting her. He is a good friend of Belly and tries to be close to her. At these moments it is easier for him to reveal his feelings for her.

Laurel teaches belly the importance of a good friendship
“We need to hold on tight to our friendship because we never know what the future holds for us.”

When Belle and Taylor disagree, Laurel tells Belle that being mad at a good friend is pointless because life is too short.

There are many layers to this quote, because Laurel knows that time is precious and that her friendship with Suzanne happens once in a lifetime. Maybe they won’t be together forever, and she doesn’t want Belle to miss out on her friendship with Taylor because of something insignificant.