10 times Suga proved he got what he wanted


Suga has predicted BTS’s award wins, tour stops, and much more.

When BTS was starting out, Suga had no idea that many of his great hopes and dreams would come true, so we leave you 10 moments that the famous K-Pop group member achieved with a lot of effort.

The Grammy Awards

In the 2018 interview, BTS was asked what the next step would be for them after conquering Billboard. Suga shyly said a Grammy, making his members laugh. Few knew that in 2019 they would attend the Grammys as presenters, or that their album Love Yourself: Tear would be nominated for “Best Recording Package.”

“Next is Billboard”

Suga (aka Agust D) predicted BTS’s success at the top of the charts on his 2016 single “Agust D”. He claimed that BTS would conquer Billboard, and they did!

Album # 1 on the Billboard 200 and Top 10 on the Hot 100

Agust D predicted BTS’s overall success on the Billboard charts, but Suga also predicted these specific chart accomplishments! BTS earned their first number one spot on this chart with Love Yourself: Tear, and they also charted in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100.

BTS’s BBMA performance

In 2017, BTS was asked what the next step in their careers would be. In response, Suga said, “We want to perform at the Billboard Music Awards.” BTS performed at the BBMAs in early 2018.

Triple Crown Victory

Suga also said he wanted a triple crown and got it, years later, with “DNA”!

Seoul Olympic Stadium

During BTS’s 2015 Festa, Suga said that her wish was to see BTS perform in a big venue. He jokingly suggested the Seoul Olympic Stadium and called his wish “outrageous”, not knowing that they would perform there three years later. BTS performed at the Olympic Stadium on August 25 and 26, 2018.

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BTS’s first win at BBMA

Suga wanted BTS to become nominees for the Billboard Music Awards and they ended up winning the “Best Social Artist” award, beating out top stars like Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande.

BTS’s first Daesang

Suga felt that BTS really deserved to win this award because of all the blood, sweat, and tears they put in in 2016. BTS ended up winning their first Daesang during that year’s Melon Music Awards.

Japan Dome Tour

On Agust D’s song “The Last”, Suga rapped about performing in the famous dome venues of Japan; “Things I only imagined come true, my childhood dreams are in front of my eyes, the night I performed in front of an audience of 2. Now the Tokyo Dome is right in front of my nose.” These domes became part of BTS’s 2018-2019 Love Yourself world tour.

TIME Magazine

In an interview, Suga once said that he wanted BTS to become “the most influential artist in the world.” BTS appeared on the 2018 cover of TIME magazine for being “next generation leaders.”


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