10 things to remember before the final season of love, Victor


The premiere of the third and final season of “Love, Victor” on Disney+ and Hulu will take place on June 15, and fans have something to remember. With love, Victor is a by—product of the original film: “With Love, Simon” (2018), which last time ended with Victor in a difficult position trying to choose between Benji and Rahim.

And although this is the main question that fans asked last year, all the other characters have unanswered questions that are just waiting to be considered: will Mia meet her mom? What’s going on between Pilar and Felix? Are Isabel and Armando together again? Season 3 sums up the show by their stories, and there’s even talk of possible universe sequels in another spin-off.

Victor goes out to his family

At the beginning of season 2, VICTOR decided to confess to his family, but everything went wrong as it could. Victor’s father spent most of the season in PFLAG (parents, families and friends of lesbians and gays) to better understand his son.

While Isabelle, Victor’s mother, really struggled to come to terms with his sexuality. There was a lot of controversy and avoidance before Isabelle accepted her son at the end of season 2, to the point that she tried to save Victor’s relationship with Benji. It seems that everything is getting better in their relationship.

Victor comes out of school

At the beginning of the school year, when everyone knew about Victor and Mia’s separation, rumors began to spread that their separation was due to her infidelity. With all the negativity flying around and Victor finally wanting to be himself at school, he announces to the whole school that he is gay, and this is the real reason why he and Mia broke up before leaving hand in hand with Benji.

However, things get complicated when his basketball team starts to feel uncomfortable with him in the locker room. Victor trusts Andrew, the team captain, and they are working to fix the morale and feelings of the team. It was a huge step forward, and it will be interesting to see if this plays a role in the third season.

Armando moves in and meets

With the separation between Isabel and Armando at the end of the first season, Victor’s father decides to move out of the house and find his own place. It all starts a little tricky when Adrian, Victor’s brother, doesn’t like two houses. But Armando tries to make his place the same home.

In addition to moving, Armando begins to show interest in a woman from PFLAG, and the two of them go on a couple of dates. So when Victor and Isabelle find out about this, it becomes clear that they are upset that he seems to be leaving. But it doesn’t last long, as in the last episode, Armando again finds himself on Isabel’s doorstep with an apology. Will they get back together officially or was it an isolated incident?

Felix’s mom has bipolar disorder

Last season, Felix’s family life was in the spotlight. It turned out that Felix’s mother, Dawn, has bipolar disorder, and currently she has a manic episode, because of which she lost her job. So Felix decided to make money and pay the bills. It’s not that easy for him, and that’s why he trusts Pilar, who lends him some money and supports him in everything.

Later in the season, Dawn is placed in a psychiatric hospital, and Felix is left with Victor for a while. He struggles with the fear that his mother will be taken away from him forever. But at the end of the season, Dawn is released home, and mother and son share an emotional embrace. Their relationship could be a key part of the third season.

Lake and Felix broke up

When Felix tells Lake about his situation and home, and she sees everything for herself, she quickly tells her mom about it. Lake wants to do what’s best for Felix and suggests a great psychiatrist her mother knows. However, upon discovering that Lake has shared his secret with her mother, Felix is upset.

This develops further when Lake’s mom reports Dawn to a psychiatric hospital without informing Felix, and his trust is undermined. Instead of Lake giving him space to think, she plans a big romantic gesture in the aquarium, and Felix ends his relationship with her. He doesn’t believe he can be happy with her after everything that’s happened. Lake was offended, but apparently moved on to a new relationship with the girl.

Pilar loves Felix

Throughout the season, Felix turned to Pilar for comfort about his home situation, as she was the first to find out about his problems. During the time spent together, Pilar and Felix have become a great duo, and therefore Pilar understands that she has feelings for Felix.

After Felix breaks up, Pilar makes a move and kisses him. Everything is not going quite according to plan, as Felix is in shock and does not know how to react.