10 Things Redditors Want to See in Dragon’s Dogma 2


In June, there were several unexpected and long-awaited announcements of video games, one of which appeared on the stream dedicated to the 10th anniversary of Dragon’s Dogma. It’s another one of the most poorly guarded secrets in the video game industry, but Capcom has finally officially announced that Dragon’s Dogma 2 is in development.

The original game has become a modern cult classic, and fans on Reddit were delighted with the announcement. Many are excitedly discussing the improvements they hope to see in this sequel, including a detailed open-world design and collaborative gameplay.

Accept the strange mannerism of the original

Dragon’s Dogma received generally positive reviews from critics, mainly due to the expanded reissue with the subtitle Dark Arisen. But what resonated so much with a wide audience was how refreshingly quirky the game was compared to its contemporaries of the time.

Redditor Galaxy40k acknowledged its strengths and weaknesses, saying, “The ‘strangeness’ of DD1 is what makes it special to me, despite its problems. I want to let [Hideaki Itsuno] go crazy again, but give him the proper budget and time.” The role-playing game in the genre of dark fantasy in the western style with strange characters, a pawn party system and full-fledged battles in action games made it an exciting alternative to games such as Dark Souls and Skyrim.

An open world game based on the RE Engine

A recent series of Capcom games has become incredibly ambitious thanks to their own RE Engine, and in the upcoming remake of Resident Evil 4, it will be used next. It seems that this is the main game engine on which their major projects will be built, and the potential benefits that Dragon’s Dogma 2 can get with its help are high.

Redditor gigamesh090 asked an exciting question: “Will this be Capcom’s first open-world game on the RE engine?” Despite the old age of the technology on which the original game was developed, the sequel for PS5/XSX|S most likely suggests that fans will see an exciting generational leap on the scale of the DD2 open world.

More useful, less annoying pawns

Games like Dark Souls, The Witcher 3 and Skyrim are top—notch modern fantasy role-playing games, but the aforementioned Pawn system in Dragon’s Dogma was one of the game mechanics that made the latter so unique. At the same time, this function is not without drawbacks.

Redditor theguyfromtheweb7 comically remarked that they “love Dragon’s Dogma, but if one of my pawns points out that the “ocean is over” in some fucking direction, I will throw them off the top of something high. Again.” Pawns were a creative way for players to recruit members of a group of NPCs with unique assets in battle, but it is in such cases that utility turns into a point of frustration.

Elden Ring Encourages development of Dragon’s Dogma 2

It’s no secret what a huge impact the latest role–playing game in the genre of dark fantasy – Elden Ring – from FromSoftware had on the gaming community. He has taken open-world games, battles and more to a new level, and some fans hope that the development of Dragon’s Dogma 2 will be inspired by this.

Redditor SmokingApple said: “I pray that with the recent mega-success of Elden Ring, Capcom will look at this, Dragons Dogma 2, and a light bulb will light up in their head. Not that DD2 has ever reached the level of success of Elden, but you know.”It’s an incredibly high standard that needs to be met, not to mention exceeded, but it doesn’t need to be emulated by Elden Ring to succeed on its terms. However, since DD2 will also be an open-world dark fantasy role-playing game, this is a good rough blueprint to follow.

Essential open world design

There are plenty of great open—world video games out there, but some of the things this format can fall victim to are bloat or a sense of futility. This indirectly goes hand in hand with the influence of Elden Ring on the gaming industry, but fans reasonably hope that Dragon’s Dogma 2 justifies its wider scope.

Redditor Galaxy40k also noticed: “I think the ‘lesson’ the OP is talking about is for Capcom to recognize that an open-world, combat-oriented, (primarily) single-player fantasy role-playing game can be marketed as gangsters, and therefore they should give DD2 the time and budget needed for top-level production.”. Elden Ring could accommodate a colossal open world filled with meaningful things and places that can be opened in any direction, and DD2 would be better if they became bigger, and not just for the sake of it.

Multiplatform release

In this age of the industry, exclusive games and acquisitions are becoming increasingly intense among players such as PlayStation and Xbox. That’s why many fans hope that for the sake of the game and its potential fans, it will reach as many viewers as possible.

Redditor Alilatias seems to confidently suggest that “the way Capcom announced it makes me think it’s most likely a multiplatform game of the first day” and “it would be the best scenario.