10 Things Only Marvel Comics Fans Know About Sharon Ventura, Miss Marvel


Miss Marvel provides a brilliant all-round showcase for Kamala Khan. Comic book fans know that her idol Carol Danvers once served as Miss Marvel, but they may not be aware of another strong version of the character. For a while in the 1980s, Sharon Ventura played the role of Miss Marvel, which connects her to several current MCU characters and storylines, including Power Broker.

Sharon Ventura also has close ties to the Fantastic Four, especially the Creature. He brought her into the team, and a special, albeit doomed, bond developed between them, as a result of which they both experienced major changes. While Sharon probably isn’t involved in the Miss Marvel streaming series, several storylines in the MCU hint that she could potentially make an appearance in the near future.


Thunderbolts play a big role in the origin of Sharon Ventura, but even the most ardent fans of Marvel comics may not know about them. Sharon joined this motorcycle stunt team, helping them fight crime. The stunt team included several mutants who had a common mental connection that helped them make their amazing stunts possible.

The Thunderiders served as part of the comic book line of Team America toys from Ideal, launched in 1982. Unlike other successful licensed comics such as G.I. Joe, the toy line did not take off, nor did the comic book series. Thing #28, Sharon’s second appearance, is actually their last appearance in Marvel comics.


The creature instantly connects with Sharon because she reminds him of Tarianna, the woman he met in the World of Battles. The imposing warrior emerged from his own subconscious, like everyone else in the World of Battles, where Ben Grimm stayed for a while after the Secret Wars of 1985, one of Marvel Comics’ most important events.

Ben Grimm’s own struggle with his idea of himself and his idea of the ideal woman in Tarianna and then in Sharon played a significant role in their relationship in the comics.

Powerful Broker

After she leaves the motorcycle stunt team, Sharon joins the Unlimited Wrestling Federation, where the Creature competes. Since only superhumans are involved, Sharon turns to a Power Broker to gain powers, as this mysterious figure conducts experiments that endow ordinary people with superhuman abilities.

Comic book fans know that The Power Broker has created many superhumans in comics, including the US agent. Sharon Carter recently emerged as an influential broker in the MCU, potentially opening the door for Sharon Ventura to appear.

Become Miss Marvel

Sharon gains superhuman strength, speed, and stamina from The Power Broker, but does not complete the treatment. However, she is applying to join the Grapplers wrestling team as Miss Marvel, and with her newfound abilities complementing her martial arts skills, she easily ranks among the most powerful variants of Miss Marvel in Marvel comics.

Sharon takes the name Miss Marvel because another wrestler, Aunt Freeze, thinks she looks like Carol Danvers in it. Currently, Carol Danvers is practically retired, recovering with the X-Men after the fatal battle with Rogue in Avengers Annual #10.

Fighting the Hulk Woman

Ms. Marvel immediately tests her newfound abilities against the Hulk Woman. The two heroes fight each other in a confusing moment when Sharon and Ben Grimm run away from the Grapplers. At this moment, the Creature undergoes a serious transformation, leaving him in pain, and the Hulk Woman thinks that he is Sharon’s victim.

Two women fight each other to the hilt, and this fight from The Thing #36 could potentially serve as a comic storyline that the upcoming She-Hulk streaming series adapts. With The Power Broker in the MCU, this is certainly possible.

Joining the Fantastic Four

Sharon returns to New York with the Creature and accepts an invitation to join the Fantastic Four. At first, she hesitates, doubting that she is worthy of joining such a legendary team. She quickly proves her worth in an epic battle with Diablo in Fantastic Four #307, almost single-handedly defeating the villain.

During this period, Sharon joins the changing cast. Crystal from the Inhumans also serves in the Fantastic Four, and she becomes a close friend and confidant of Sharon.

She is a Thing

Sharon experiences a dramatic evolution of her strength and appearance during a battle with the supervillain Burkina Faso. The same cosmic radiation that mutated in the Fantastic Four affects her when the team returns to Earth after a battle in space, and she mutates into a Female Thing with a rocky appearance like Ben Grimm.

This mutation depressed her, but the barriers between Ben and Sharon in their relationship disappeared a little, because the two of them had so much in common.

Return to Form

Sharon Ventura is restoring her usual appearance with the not-quite-altruistic help of Dr. Doom. Dr. Doom uses his advanced intelligence to return Sharon to her human form, and she leaves the Fantastic Four.