10 Things Only Koreans Do That Will Impact You


Things that only happen in South Korea. The country has received a lot of attention and interest in its culture thanks to K-pop and dramas, increasing Seoul tourism, although like every country, there are customs, rules and behaviors that do not exist or are not standardized in your home, or vice versa .

You should also remember that idols are not the example of a whole society, they are the representatives of good behavior and inspiration for several young people, therefore, when they make mistakes they are almost unforgivable mistakes, although another common person has also done it, but they are not in the public eye.


When you travel, culture shock is quite normal, although it does not mean that you get used to it or accept it, but you must respect the culture there, it is only enough to inform yourself about what is right or wrong or why certain things are in a certain way to avoid making mistakes or don’t be surprised once you make your trip.

Koreans can be very peculiar, but they have a great sense of togetherness, although they also have defects in the daily routine that you must understand and know so that your experience is the most pleasant. If you want to know more about the country, we leave you a list of 10 things that only happen in South Korea.

They don’t use deodorant

The inhabitants of Asia tend to perspire less than those of other countries, therefore, sometimes it is not necessary for them to use deodorant, not because they do not sweat, but they can do it less frequently or without having a bad smell.

2-hand grip

If you are young, you must show respect to the elders and when they deliver something to you or serve drinks somewhere, you must take things with both hands as a show of respect, with friends it is not necessary.

10 hours at school

When you go to high school, students must spend 10 hours inside the school, they leave between 4 or 6 in the afternoon. South Korea’s educational system is very strict.

Rejection of number 4

They adopted this custom from China, as they consider this number to be unlucky, in addition the sound in Korean is similar to the word “death”, even in the elevators of old buildings the fourth floor is marked with the letter F.

Names with 2 syllables and without gender

Korean nouns are usually made up of 2 syllables, most of them. They also have no gender, sometimes it is difficult to identify if it is a woman’s or a man’s name, since they can be used for both.

Wifi everywhere

One of the facilities in South Korea is that you can find free wifi in the streets, restaurants, buses, among others.

They don’t cover their mouths

We know that it is a hygienic gesture to cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing, but Koreans do not do it, they can burp, spit in the street and more without covering their mouth, but it is something very normal.

No chivalry

It is known that Korean society is a bit macho, but in terms of social norms, it is not customary to give a seat to a woman in transport, different from other countries where there are exclusive seats or that men give it up when there is a girl on board. That is not customary nor does it exist.


You may receive a package or shipment that you have bought, but if you are not at home and they leave it outside your door, when you arrive it will still be there. No one is going to steal it, the country is one of the safest in the world.


Koreans have an addiction to caffeine, in winter or summer they can drink hot or cold coffee, it is one of the main drinks there, in addition to soju and others.

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