10 things Fans Want from the Resident Evil 4 remake, according to Reddit


The summer was favorable for gamers eager for new discoveries and announcements, and the recent presentation of the PlayStation State of Play and Capcom Showcase was especially interesting for fans of Resident Evil. Although at that time it was one of the most poorly guarded secrets of the video game industry, the remake of Resident Evil 4 was officially revealed to the great approval of fans.

The original RE4, which is often considered one of the best games ever created, is hugely loved, but even despite such high expectations, Capcom has done an excellent job in recent years to restore its image. Reddit fans are hoping for a few things to come in March 2023, including an upgraded adaptation that still doesn’t forget its roots.

The original Campiness trademark

Resident Evil was a pioneer in the survival horror genre, but something remarkable and at the same time beloved about the original RE4 is its capriciousness. DivinePotatoe’s redditor expressed how much they liked the element of this story, saying that they “just hope they keep the cheesy dialogue from the original. I will be very upset if I don’t get “Where is everyone going? Bingo? and “No thanks, bro.”

Although the series┬áResident Evil can be expected to be frightening, they weren’t afraid to add nonsense from time to time to relieve tension. This is something that is surprisingly well out of date considering all the Resident Evil 4 remasters released prior to this upcoming remake. And even in all the games in the series, RE4’s mannerism was especially charming for longtime fans.

Scenario A and B, similar to the remake of RE2

Part of what helped Capcom restore such goodwill among the community was the revival of Resident Evil with 7 and remake 2. However, the latter is the most important in this case, and if one can judge how this remake was implemented, then the fans should be in safe hands.

In particular, some fans, such as Redditor SpiderPidge, hope that “after going through the original more than 30 times, I’m looking forward to playing (what it looks like) scenarios A and B for RE4.” The stories in Resident Evil 2 are quite concise, but what helped tremendously in their replay was that Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield had scenarios A and B.

A bolder adaptation

While some fans understandably hope that the Resident Evil 4 remake will be as close to the original game as possible, others won’t mind using this opportunity for a bolder adaptation. Redditor DieDungeon believes that the high quality of the original is exactly the justification for rethinking, saying that, in their opinion, “RE4 is one of those games that I consider almost perfect (with imperfections that make it a diamond), so the remake will benefit if it tries to do something completely new.”

The approach to remakes can be like walking a creative tightrope. However, revisiting a game that will be 18 years old by the time the remake is released should be reason enough to show more ingenuity rather than remaking the original if it still lives up to its spirit.

Laser pointer crosshair

As for the gameplay and mechanics, fans are also hoping for a return and a simplified version of the shootout from Resident Evil 4 for the remake. Redditor Ibyyriff felt that this aspect of the gameplay of the RE2 remake could be improved, noting that “just hoping they bring back the laser guidance from the original instead of the crappy inaccurate crosshair from the RE2 remake,” and Vepmajo agreed, saying, “Besides being more accurate, it’s also a lot more intense and exciting.”

This is a small detail in the general scheme of things, but it can make the gameplay even smoother. The laser crosshair seems to be the perfect combination of a quality feature that still fits into the excellent atmosphere of a high-stakes horror game.

A new twist in the variety of Salazar and the Enemy

He is definitely on the aforementioned unassuming side of the original Resident Evil 4, but the main villain Salazar has become a favorite antagonist of the series in his own way. But camp or not, it seems that fans will definitely see a new version of it, since it was so intertwined with plot 4.

Redditor Lambdalet said optimistically: “I’m also excited about what they’re doing with Salazar and the variety of enemies. We only caught a glimpse of Saddler, but he already looks amazing.” The creative monsters of RE4 and what has been achieved in RE2 should again be signs of support in this department. Since the remake is less than a year away, more should be revealed relatively soon.

Avoid the rapid development of the RE3 remake

The Resident Evil 2 remake quickly turned out to be one of Capcom’s best games, and that success just as quickly paved the way for the RE3 remake a year later. But although the overall reviews from critics were positive, they were noticeably less than RE2.

Redditor Brawli55 warmly reacted to the game, but admitted: “I hope it’s not as urgent a job as the one they felt and they spent time on it.