10 series of games that should have their own Lego sets


A recent LEGO Con event revealed some impressive expansions to be added to their series of sets based on video games. These include new characters for Super Mario sets, which will finally see Nabbit and Baby Yoshi join the already extensive cast, and Minecraft will see more familiar locations turn into new LEGO sets for collectors and toy lovers.

There are already many impressive game franchises that have been turned into great LEGO sets, including Horizon: Zero Dawn, Overwatch and Sonic the Hedgehog. Nevertheless, there are still many cult video game franchises that can turn into the next cult construction toys.

Spider-Man by Insomniac

The Marvel cult hero may have already turned into LEGO, but there are already many versions. From the preschool series “Spider and his amazing friends” to “Spider-Man: there is no way home” there have already been several versions of this hero in brick form.

But given the popularity of Insomniac’s Spider-Man games and the fact that Sony Horizon has already become a LEGO set, it’s not hard to imagine how awesome it can be. With their own unique design of iconic characters and levels, such as boss battles with Doctor Octopus and New York City’s festive buildings, it can easily excite fans, as well as become a stepping stone for non-PlayStation owners.


No matter which toy store or video game store you go to, you are guaranteed to see Pokemon products. And although Mega Construx has already created several of its own construction kits based on the iconic characters of the series, this cannot stop the potential and imagination that LEGO can put into it.

Firstly, many of the iconic buildings in the series, such as the Pokemon Center and many gyms owned by the best gym managers from different regions, could make great games, especially if they have removable roofs so that you can watch what is happening inside to simulate games. . There may also be a variety of minifigures, from trainers to Pokemon, that inhabit these particular buildings.

street fighter

After the recent announcement of Street Fighter 6 from Capcom, now is the right time for the studio to try to create a stir for the upcoming release. One of them can be in the form of LEGO to attract children, as well as avid fans of your favorite fighting game series.

Imagine Suzaku Castle with a prefabricated background and minifigures of Ryu and Ken so that children can create their own short films, or a car on bonus stages that literally falls apart in front of everyone along with their favorite Street Fighter characters. If Capcom is happy to collaborate with other companies, it’s not hard to imagine them putting forward this potential idea.

Animal Crossing

Although Animal Crossing has been around for many years, only when Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been released on the Nintendo Switch, the series has reached new popular heights. It was one of the most comforting video games for many gamers during the pandemic. Nintendo quickly teamed up with manufacturers to create all kinds of toys, and Build-A-Bear turned Tom Nook and Isabelle into stuffed animals.

With this entry in the series dedicated to building your own island and buildings, it would make an ideal LEGO set that could easily be expanded with additional sets based on DLC and seasonal changes that occur in it. New characters can be introduced as minifigures so that everyone can finally have the characters they want on their own created island.


There were already many reasons to celebrate Kirby’s 30th birthday. Switch owners got the opportunity to play Kirby and the Forgotten Land, a music festival will be held in Japan later in the summer, and the Nintendo Switch Online service also has some of its classic games.

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There is a clear appetite for the Kirby LEGO set, as a creator named JayJayJay came up with a set based on Dreamland and the characters that inhabit it. Although it’s not official yet, the creator was able to showcase not only his talents, but also why he should be the next video game franchise to be transformed into attractive plastic cubes. And fans can vote for this set to become a reality on the LEGO Ideas website.

Monster Hunter

Since Monster Hunter: World was released on PS4, Xbox One and PC, it has become a global phenomenon, as it has managed to interest many new players in the series and become the most popular game in the Monster Hunter series. So it shouldn’t be a shock that the sequel to the game, Monster Hunter Rise, will continue to follow its success.