10 sequels that suffered after the replacement of the main character


Neve Campbell recently announced that she is leaving the Scream franchise due to contract disagreements. This decision probably came as a shock to fans of “Scream” because Campbell’s character, Sidney Prescott, was the leader of the franchise in five previous films, becoming one of the most iconic characters of modern horror.

The success of “Scream 5” already had high hopes for the next part of the series, but with Campbell’s departure, “Scream 6” will have to work hard to avoid the same mistakes that affected other franchises that decided to replace their stars.

Replacing Jim Carrey with Jamie Kennedy (Son of the Mask)

His own disappointment in Ace Ventura: When Nature calls” helped Jim Carrey to refuse to return to one of his first breakthrough roles when Hollywood decided to make a sequel to “The Mask”. More than 10 years after the release of the original The Mask’s son swaps Stanley Ipkus Kerry for Jamie Kennedy animator Tim Avery, who eventually conceives a child while wearing the titular mask. This leads to the baby being born with the powers of the Mask, which attracts the attention of Loki (who is revealed to be the creator of the mask) and Odin as they search for the mask and the baby. There are many reasons why the film failed to win many fans, but the main one is the loss of Kerry, whose energetic, manic energy helped “Mask” become one of the highest—grossing successes of its time.

Replacing Will Smith with Jesse Asher and Liam Hemsworth (“Independence Day: Rebirth”)

When Will Smith appeared on the screen in Independence Day, his transformation from a rapper/television actor into a bona fide box office megastar was completed. After 20 years of waiting for a sequel, fans of the series were disappointed to learn that Smith would not return to the role of Stephen Hiller. While Independence Day: Rebirth did bring back Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman and other characters, Jesse Asher as Hiller’s adult son Dylan and Liam Hemsworth as his fellow pilot just couldn’t match the energy Smith brought.

Not only did they lack chemistry together, they also couldn’t bring much brightness to the scenes they shared with Pullman or Goldblum. The lack of chemistry between the actors is just one of the reasons why the sequel has disappointed long—time fans so much.

Replacing Matt Damon with Jeremy Renner (“The Bourne Legacy”)

Part spin-off, part reboot, when director Paul Greengrass and Jason Bourne actor Matt Damon both decided not to return in the fourth film, “The Bourne Legacy” tried to create their own separate franchise without disturbing the events of the first three Bourne films. The film, dedicated to Jeremy Renner as another genetically modified agent from the same program as Jason Bourne, was a modest commercial success and received positive reviews from critics.

For most fans, there simply couldn’t be a movie with the word “Born” in the title that didn’t have this man himself. Combined with the shift from Greengrass’ crazy style of directing to a more popular approach, this is a Bourne movie in name only, which disappointed many fans of the franchise until Damon and Greengrass returned in 2016 as Jason Bourne.

Replacing Jodie Foster with Julianne Moore (“Hannibal”)

“The Silence of the Lambs” is considered one of the greatest films of all time, so the sequel has always been a difficult task for everyone who participated in it. When Jodie Foster and director Jonathan Demme refused to return, Hannibal was suddenly faced with a more difficult path to even repeat the success of the original.

Although Julianne Moore amicably took on the role of FBI Agent Clarice Starling, the film struggled to live up to what made the original film so great. Darker, bloodier, and less characterful, Hannibal has indeed earned favor compared to Thomas Harris’ novel by altering some of the book’s most controversial revelations.

Replacing Diesel Wine with Ice Cube (xXx: State of the Union)

After the success of “Fast and Furious” star Vin Diesel introduced Xander Cage to the audience and created for himself another promising franchise with xXx. The film became an unexpected hit with the audience and helped consolidate Diesel’s status as the main American action hero, making a sequel almost inevitable. When Diesel decided not to reprise this role in the sequel, the story unfolded to introduce another xXx agent, Darius Stone from Ice Cube. Since the franchise was, in fact, launched as a vehicle for Diesel, the lack of his character’s return greatly hindered the work of the sequel, and the film even compensated for his absence by killing him off-screen. In 2017, Diesel returned to the film “Three X’s: The Return of Xander Cage”, achieving much greater box office success, and plans for a fourth film starring Diesel are still in development.