10 Recent Movie Trailers that Ruined the Movie, according to Reddit


Movie trailers are everywhere: on TV, at the mall, in front of other movies, and these are just some of them. Sometimes you even see unwanted trailers before videos on sites like YouTube, which makes it difficult to avoid spoilers before the movie is released. The problem is that no one wants to pay money to watch a movie when it seems to him that he has already watched 90% of it.

It is clear that the studios want to promote the upcoming releases as much as possible. In the end, they need to get their money back and even more. Minions: The Rise Of Gru, for example, cost $85 million, and that’s excluding marketing costs. But trailers that reveal too much of the movie’s meaning are becoming an annoying trend, and according to Reddit, these are the most serious offenders.

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

Films about Doctor Strange may appeal to many: strong acting, interesting plots and mind-blowing special effects. But some Reddit users felt that the marketing of “Doctor Strange in the multiverse of Madness” was too aggressive, and the trailers practically gave out the entire movie.

User karavasis says: “At the moment, I’ve only seen the movie in the trailer.” This whole Reddit thread was started by a user who deliberately avoided watching too many movie trailers and was happy about it. “Doctor Strange: In the Multiverse of Madness” is now available for streaming on a Disney+ subscription, so at least MCU fans won’t lose too much money if they feel disappointed.

Ambulance (2022)

Jake Gyllenhaal plays a bad guy who steals an ambulance to escape after a botched robbery. Shot by a fan of action movies Michael Bay, “Ambulance” did not find a response from the public, but the audience certainly had fun for once to support the main character.

One of the reasons moviegoers could stay at home was because they felt like the whole movie was being shown in the trailer. Jackelstein commented: “Look, I understand that the plot is very unconventional, and you should have shown it in the trailer. But it seemed to me that the whole movie was shown here.” User griffshan was also unhappy with the amount of footage, rhetorically asking, “So we’re just showing the whole movie as it plays out in trailers?”

No (2022)

Jordan Peele’s “Nope”, his long-awaited sequel to the excellent “Us”, caused a great stir. Peel knows how to escalate tension in his films and frighten the audience without resorting to excessive use of screeners. Some of his fans try not to watch “No” trailers at all and believe that his films have the greatest impact when you don’t know much about them.

futurespacecadet’s redditor says that modern trailers “chronologically spoil the whole plot for you.” The Nope trailer, of course, gives out part of the plot, setting and even humor, so if viewers who want to be surprised should follow the path indicated by the user Plops__: “I stopped watching trailers a long time ago, I don’t regret anything.”

Morbius (2022)

In Morbius, Jared Leto plays Dr. Michael Morbius, an experimental scientist suffering from a rare blood disease. Dr. Morbius tries to save his life and the lives of others in the future by trying a new procedure on himself, but this backfires and turns him into a bloodthirsty vampire-type creature.

Morbius had poor box office receipts, but proved itself well on streaming platforms. Oddly enough, the trailer ruined the scenes at the end of the movie. Revolutionary-Bee135 says, “The end credits in the trailers were messed up. What the…?” Despite the spoilers, fans have found solace in creating some pretty funny memes about Morbius.

The unbearable weight of a huge talent (2022)

Nicolas Cage plays a version of himself in this self-referential comedy. He was unlucky and faced financial ruin. Cage agrees to perform at a birthday party for a wealthy family. By a strange coincidence, Cage is recruited by the CIA and forced to play his characters from previous films in order to get out of trouble.

The synopsis is promising, but some fans felt that the previews showed too much Nicolas Cage. After watching the trailer, Redditor thomas2026 said, “It was cool, but I had to stop watching before he gave out the whole damn movie.” Others agreed and wished the trailer showed more restraint. “Well, now I know the whole plot,” complains colin8696908.

The Lost City (2022)

Loretta Sage (Sandra Bullock) writes adventure novels featuring a hero named Alan (Channing Tatum). When Loretta is kidnapped and forced to help a billionaire find a hidden treasure from one of her novels, Alan is determined to show her that he can be a hero. in real life, too. There were a few annoying scenes in The Lost City, but overall it was a funny action movie in the style of a romantic comedy that didn’t take itself too seriously.