10 Professional Tips for Remastering Commandos 3 HD


Players looking for a breath of fresh air in stealth mode will enjoy playing Commandos 3 HD Remaster. After receiving the updated version, players will be able to relive the adventures of the Green Berets and the rest of the Commandos as they infiltrate Berlin for various missions in the midst of World War II.

And while modern stealth games allow players to fight multiple opponents at the same time, Commandos 3 immediately makes it clear that players have nothing to rely on except their skills, since their numbers behind enemy lines are much smaller. With that in mind, how can players dominate their missions?

10. Remember the main strengths of each commando

Compared to other games, the main mechanics in Commandos 3 Remaster is due to the fact that most commandos share a common set of common skills. These include knocking out opponents with fists or using various firearms. While this may encourage players to just use whatever commando they like, it can lead to missed targets.

Instead, players need to learn what each commando is doing and know where to use them best. Thus, their common skill set becomes the starting point for the full application of their specialized skills, for example, how certain characters are used in a certain way in other stealth games. For example, while both the sapper and the sniper can knock out opponents with their fists, the sapper is ideally positioned next to vehicles to destroy or lead them, while the sniper is ideally positioned from afar so that he can provide cover fire.

9. Time is more important than secrecy

While stealth games like Commandos 3 Remaster reward proper stealth with the absence of collisions, experts in stealth fighters know that at the right time, players will not pay attention to stealth at all. After all, knowing where all the moving parts will be at any moment means that players can move their characters at any pace and still complete the task. Players must adopt the same mentality in Commandos 3 Remaster.

Since everything happens in real time, players should remember that whatever they do in one part of the scene will not stop the rest of the game level. In turn, enemies and other parts of the map also react to the player when he encounters them or things he leaves behind, such as bodies. Players should pay attention to how things “play” together quickly in order to move unnoticed and uninterrupted.

8. Watch the map

Unlike other stealth fighters, the gameplay of Commandos 3 Remaster is radically different due to the lack of fog of war. This means that players can look at any part of the map and see everyone and everything that moves, including everything that players can interact with immediately.

Instead of just going blind, players may want to learn the movements of the enemy camp and special actions. This is a similar strategy in Hitman, so players know what can happen throughout the game. During a performance in the city center, some cars or people may drive by and interact with other soldiers, giving players an opportunity they didn’t know existed unless they were waiting for these circumstances to happen. Players can then plan their infiltration from here.

7. Enemy vision is the key to success

Similar to early stealth action games such as Metal Gear, the gameplay in Commandos 3 Remaster relies heavily on the principle of “not being caught”. While enemies often die from a single hit in the game, the commandos themselves are not as strong, especially when the alarm sounds and 1 on 1 turns into 1 on 5. In such situations, players should always remember that they can actually “see” what the enemy sees, since the Enemy Vision system is provided in the game.

When activated, players can hover the cursor over the enemy and more accurately understand his field of view. This allows players to make more timed movements to ensure that their commando does not stop and does not get out of sight of the enemy. Moreover, extremely close challenges are actually possible, such as walking around next to an opponent to pass through a doorway, provided that players know exactly where the enemy’s gaze is directed.

6. Disposal of the body will avoid unnecessary alarms

While it’s true that detected players will sound an alarm in Commandos 3 Remaster, so does a soldier who sees a comrade’s dead body. Despite the huge size of the cards in Commandos 3 Remaster, players should not skip the process of disposing of the body just because it is inconvenient, as in games like Hitman.

Players must make sure that the bodies of enemies are not simply tied up and thrown aside. They need to make sure that they do not have a weapon with them (so that they do not wake up with it) and that the place of their disposal is not located next to the path of the guard.

5 Destroy the bodies one by one

Because of how fragile commandos can become outnumbered, stealth becomes a crucial component in Commandos 3 Remaster.


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