10 products that Jungkook has inadvertently promoted

Jungkook has a born talent for promoting products.

BTS is very popular and breaks several records with their music thanks to the support of their fans, but the boys also have powers thanks to their way of dressing, the trends they use in accessories, clothing or in beauty care.

Jungkook has sometimes shared the products he uses , although ARMY also looks at the objects he usually uses in presentations, dressing rooms or the food he prefers, so the idol has become a magnet for sold out sales without he intends it. We leave you 10 things that Kookie managed to exhaust.

It is not the first time that Jungkook has gone viral on the networks, the idol also manages to crown himself as king of Twitter thanks to his best moments when showing his tattoos, which remain hidden most of the time.

The idol prefers that his clothes are soft and have a pleasant aroma, so he confessed the product he uses, the perfumed softener became a trend among ARMY, who can find the product in any supermarket and smell the same as him.

Chocolate milk
On one of his backstage breaks, Jungkook drank a TruMoo brand chocolate milk, another product that fans have also sought out to learn about Kookie’s tastes.

First of all, oral health, Jungkook showed that he takes great care of his teeth, but ARMY paid a lot of attention to the brand of toothbrush he used, if you are interested it is WANGTA.

Cell phone cases
It is also a fashion icon and if you have an iphone, you can combine it with a transparent case decorated with carrot drawings, he also used another one that had a kind of collage of stickers.

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Lip balm
Idols take great care of the hydration of their lips, so they use balms, if you want to be like Jungkook, just look for a lipstick from the Nivea brand, he likes the one with fruit flavor.

Kookie is famous for his style, which is why he once sold out a Vetements branded heeled sweatshirt.

In one of the videos that BTS makes for his fans, the idol showed the perfume he was using at the time, again ARMY looked for what it was and bought it. It is from the W.DressRoom brand and the aroma is April Cotton that mixes, flowers, fruits and musk.

Gucci bags
In the promotional photos for “Boy with Luv,” Kookie wore a Gucci bag from the Dionysus Suede collection in an emerald color, despite being a luxury brand, the bag sold out as well.

After making the Fila x BTS collection known, Jungkook managed to exhaust the products he modeled for the brand, including backpacks, t-shirts and sweatshirts.

In one of BTS’s presentations, the idol wore a turquoise silk shirt from the Farfetch brand, which sold out after his performance, without a doubt, Jungkook is a model that guarantees the sale of any product.



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