10 Places In The World Still Without Internet


What would happen if the internet, which has become a basic need like electricity and water, disappears from your life for a moment? There is no doubt that the number of people who will be affected by this is too many. However, there are places in the world where there is no internet.

When you say places in the world where there is no internet, you should not only think of African tribes living in isolation, far from communication. A significant portion of the world’s population is deprived of internet access and they are a universe away from what is happening in the world, so to speak. We guess living in these places without the internet would be quite challenging for anyone reading this post.

As Somagnews, we researched non-internet regions for you and prepared an article about infrastructure, technology-related policies and people. This list, which includes many countries and regions from Syria next door to North Korea far away, will be of great interest to you. Technological scenarios can occur in your mind after reading the non-internet regions in the world. If you are ready we go!

No Internet:

Tristan da Cunha Island
Yakutat, USA
Sahara Desert, Africa
American Samoa, Pacific Territories
Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks, California
Black Forest, Germany

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