10 Overrated Pixar Movies, according to Reddit


Pixar Animation studio invariably produces some of the most emotionally mature animated films, from the recently released “Blushes” to the classic adventure film “The Life of a Beetle”. The famous animation studio finds the most outlandish and outrageous concepts and turns them into an adventure film that can teach children (and adults) a lot of valuable life lessons.

At the same time, some Pixar games are too hyped for their own good. From the superhero movie “The Incredibles 2” to the inspirational movie “Ratatouille” — Reddit users offer the best Pixar movies that, in their opinion, are overrated.

Toy Story 4 (2019)

In the fourth and last part of the Toy Story series, Woody’s favorite characters, Buzz Lightyear and Bo Peep return. In the film, the toys are brought on a journey by their new owner Bonnie. However, the trip does not go as planned, as the toys meet with old friends at the carnival.

Critics adore “Toy Story 4” for the perfect ending of the animated epic in a touching and funny way. However, Redditor AnteaterPersonal3093 believes that “Toy Story 3” is the movie that was supposed to end the franchise, as each toy “had its own arcs and time to shine.”

Luke (2021)

Luca is one of the latest Pixar releases. The action of the film takes place on the beautiful Italian coast. The film tells about Luke, a young sea creature who dreams of exploring the human world. After meeting an orphaned sea creature, Alberto Luca gathers the courage to communicate with people and dream of a life beyond the sea.

Luca is one of the best offers from Pixar. Reviewers note that the film is cute, charming and perfectly shows how strong a friendship can be if there is a strong bond between them. But on Reddit, imSOsalty admits that she’s not a big fan of the movie, and said: “I watched it for only 20 minutes. I was so bored that I thought an hour had passed.”

Up (2009)

Some viewers say that the emotional moment in “Above”, where the love story of Karl and Ellie was shown, should not be visible to children because of how sad and depressing it is. Despite this, there are many life lessons that children will learn from Up.

“Up” has received a lot of praise due to its adventure scenes and sharp narration. In a Reddit thread, user flawedconstellation notes that they recently reviewed the movie and believe that while the movie does have some great scenes, there are better Pixar movies that “fill with more energy and fun.”

The Incredibles 2 (2018)

Many moviegoers have always thought that Pixar’s “The Incredibles” deserves a sequel. In the long-awaited second part, beloved superhero characters such as Mr. Exceptional, Elastic, Violet, Flash and Jack-Jack return to save the day. However, they find themselves in a difficult position, because they have to combine their heroic life with everyday ones.

Brad Bird’s film was warmly received by critics thanks to a perfectly written script, excellent computer graphics and an intriguing plot. Unfortunately, Readlt0nReddit thinks that “The Incredibles 2” is a “terrible” sequel that is “decent at best.”


“WALL-I” is a space adventure film that focuses on the main character, a lonely robot left on Earth to clean up the garbage left after centuries of human industrialization. The robot falls in love with another robot named EVA, who must find any signs of sustainable life on Earth.

The film received positive reviews for its incredible visual effects, intriguing plot and charming main characters. On Reddit, flawedconstellation says that the great concept of the film was implemented with “good execution” and that they “never liked it so much.”

Ratatouille (2007)

Ratatouille may have one of the most bizarre plots for a children’s animated film. In the film, an aspiring chef named Linguini makes his way to the top with the help of Remy, a rat with a special culinary talent. Remy hides under Linguini’s hat and controls him by pulling his hair.

The stunningly animated film was able to win the hearts of the audience thanks to an exquisite soundtrack, mouth-watering animation and irresistible characters. On Reddit, PantsClock says they like the villain and the movie’s scenery, but they consider the movie “just a”.

In Search of Nemo (2003)

No one can deny the cultural influence of Pixar’s Finding Nemo. The film made aquatic creatures like clown fish and turtles cool by simply following the story of an overprotective father who is on a mission to save his son.

The film received critical acclaim for its fascinating script, iconic characters and vivid visual elements. But in his post on Reddit, the “Emperor of Chins” does not understand why “In Search of Nemo” is “compared to a real classic,” and believes that the death of Nemo’s mother is “a vivid example of emotional manipulation,” even if it plays a “key role in the story.”

Brave (2012)

Pixar’s “The Brave Man” takes on a darker tone compared to the animation studio’s other films.