10 must-play games on the Nintendo Switch eShop


The Nintendo console has exclusive titles in digital format that stand out thanks to the hybrid concept of the platform: ideal for playing anywhere

Nintendo Switch has a wide range of exclusively digital games that provide a surprising variety of proposals. Through the eShop you can find all kinds of treasures of any kind. In addition, a large majority of digital titles end up selling more on the Nintendo platform than on others, especially due to its hybrid nature: being able to play titles both in their traditional way with a dock and on the television or take them with you in portable format It ends up making a difference for many of the proposals that are sold only in digital format. In Meristation we have made a selection of 10 games that are worth knowing and that you will find in the Nintendo Switch eShop. Is the next.


Gnosia is one of those surprises that leaves no one indifferent. The title, which had not officially reached our territory in its original release, becomes an attractive and varied visual novel with a cast of outstanding characters, in which we will have to discover who the liar is in a format that can remember Among Us! But with a much slower system focused on conversations, attitudes and knowing how to observe everything that surrounds us.


A nightmare with a masterful setting that reminds us of the best Tim Burton. With this letter of introduction, Darq reaches our hands thanks to Unfold Games, who have made a title full of very interesting mechanics and puzzles that are as satisfying as they are varied. It is also a short game, ideal for quick games, and leaves you wanting more for the story and also for the way the action unfolds.

Sea of ​​Solitude

To talk about Sea of ​​Solitude is to talk about one of those games that in the midst of great Triple A, presentations in style at E3 and top names, is able to stand out. That is what happened with this title with a brilliant aesthetic approach, capable of explaining a tortuous emotional journey in a world of shadows while we look for a little light. An inner journey that is worth knowing for what it counts and how it tells it.

Narita boy

The Barcelona studio Koba published this March a gem for lovers of games from the eighties and nineties with 2D action and platforms and a side scrolling trailer with pixel art aesthetics of brutal animations, a wonderful soundtrack and a control accurate from the get-go. We find ourselves with a game that offers us enemies varied in patterns and challenge, intense and fun combat and many lights and neons.


It is difficult to describe a game as Astrologaster, a kind of comedy with Shakespearean touches and starring Dr. Simon Forman, an unlicensed doctor who wants to get his degree to be able to practice as such. The title is narrative, with a lot of humor and invites us to make all kinds of decisions simply to have fun … Although these can end up having unexpected consequences and side effects. Very different and therefore attractive compared to what we are used to.

Gone Home

We have one of the most important classics of the Walking Simulator genre in Gone Home, a groundbreaking and surprising experience as we identify what happens in a house where there is no one, through its special protagonist. Coming home again is not always pleasant, and the feelings that the title can convey, such as nostalgia or melancholy, are mixed with exploration and some puzzles that are worth deciphering to continue moving forward.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Sayonara Wild Hearts is one of those surprises that appear out of nowhere and are infinitely appreciated. We are facing one of those games that become a sensory experience through the graphics and a brutal soundtrack, while we go at full speed overcoming challenges perfectly matched with its visual, pop and psychedelic style, and music that marks you. rhythm of everything. Without a doubt, one of those arcade-style titles that cannot be overlooked.

Donut County

Surreal, endearing and sometimes inexplicable. Donut County is one of those experiences that you have to try even if it doesn’t catch your eye. Can you imagine a raccoon that has created a system in which a hole swallows all the objects in the city, and as it swallows more objects, it grows older and can absorb cars, buildings and whatever? Well that’s what Donut County is about. Clever puzzles, hilarious dialogue, and a really cool experience.

No more heroes

Who does not know Travis Touchdown, to any God he prays. No More Heroes is one of those flagship games from the hit Nintendo Wii that is now available for download on Nintendo Switch. A gritty action game, with a series B style in characters, plot and development that goes far beyond this: it is a veiled criticism of many mechanics and proposals that we take for granted in video games. Action in abundance as we slaughter the top 10 killers from around the world.

Trine Enchanted Edition

The first installment of the Trine saga surprised everyone with the beauty of a fantasy world along with the good mix of actions thanks to the three available characters: Amadeus the magician, Pontius the Knight and Zoya the thief. The puzzles before us are intelligent, the combination of skills is one of the virtues and the game continues to look very good, especially in portable format. Plus, it has online and local co-op for up to three players.


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