10 Movies Worth Watching After HBO’s “Father of the Bride” Max


According to Deadline, the newest HBO Max movie “Father of the Bride” was released less than a week ago, and it has already become the largest movie premiere in the history of the streaming service. The film is based on Edward Streeter’s 1949 novel, which also inspired two other film adaptations of The Father of the Bride. This one stands out from the rest because it focuses on the Latin American family. The film follows Billy (Andy Garcia) as his world is turned upside down when his wife (Gloria Estefan) announces she wants a divorce, the same day their daughter (Adria Archonas) breaks the news that she is engaged to a man they have never met. we met.

Although “Father of the Bride” is available for streaming, there are also a few other films focused on both family and wedding that would be great to watch after this movie is completed.

Bride Wars (2009)

Childhood best friends Liv (Kate Hudson) and Emma (Anne Hathaway) got engaged at the same time and managed to book a place for their dream wedding two weeks apart. Disaster happens when the wedding venue falls into disrepair, and the girls celebrate the wedding on the same day.

“Bride Wars” is perfect for fans of “Father of the Bride” who like the parts dedicated to how stressful wedding planning can be. Both films have similar scenes towards the end where everyone has to chip in together so that the bride and groom get the day they’ve always dreamed of, despite all the disasters breaking out around them.

Insanely Rich Asians (2018)

After dating her boyfriend Nick (Henry Golding) for a while, Rachel (Constance Wu) is excited to go to Singapore with him to finally meet his family. However, she quickly found out that Nick was hiding something from her about his family: they are very rich. Now Rachel has to deal with disgruntled future in-laws and the attention of Henry’s wealthy friends, while she is being judged for being Asian American.

Like “Father of the Bride,” “Insanely Rich Asians” is based on the book, and both focus on future spouses dealing with family members who don’t accept their relationship. Besides, they’re both breaking records, and “Insanely Rich Asians” – the biggest romantic comedy of the 2010s.

Father of the bride (1991)

Although not the original, the 1991 Father of the Bride is often considered the best in the entire franchise. It follows George (Steve Martin) and his wife Nina (Diane Keaton), who are forced to plan a wedding when their daughter returns from studying abroad with the groom. George also has to put up with an over-the-top wedding planner who is determined to drain his pockets.

The similarities between these two films are based on the premise and the characters, but they also offer something unique that makes both films worth watching.

Father of the Bride 2 (1995)

After the success of “Father of the Bride” in 1991, the creators decided to continue working on the second film of the franchise, which was also a remake of the 1951 film. This time, George (Martin) has to come to terms with the fact that his little girl is expecting her first child, and his wife (Keaton) is pregnant again. Also reappearing is Frank (Martin Short), an eccentric wedding planner who is now ready to plan an epic children’s holiday together.

Father of the Bride 2 is the perfect movie for fans who like the chaotic nature of the Father of the Bride 2022 family. Just as Herrera unite to support Sofia, all Banks unite to support and glorify the two best women in their family.

Party Life (2018)

After her husband announces his divorce, Dina (Melissa McCarthy) decides to go to college at the same university that her daughter should graduate from. Having skipped college because she was a mom, Dina is ready to relive the best college experience with her best friend: her daughter.

Although the “Life of the Party” does not revolve around the wedding, it still has a lot in common with the “Father of the Bride”. Firstly, both films begin with middle-aged married couples realizing that they need to get divorced. They also both pay great attention to the strong relationship between parents and children, which not only supports, but also entertains.

I Love Coopers (2015)

“Love the Coopers” is one of the most underrated, but at the same time one of the best Christmas films of the 2010s. On Christmas Eve, Sam (John Goodman) and Charlotte (Dianne Keaton) try to hide the fact that they are divorcing their three adult children. It turns out that their children hide their share of secrets from their parents.

Hiding the divorce is a major plot point in both of these films, so they are perfect to watch one after the other. They also explore the power of family and demonstrate the different relationships between siblings.