10 Mistakes That Everyone Makes When Playing Madden NFL 23


Madden NFL 23 has an interesting catch when it comes to the mistakes that players tend to make. As the modes get much-needed simplification and clarity, new players may actually gravitate towards it pretty well. Meanwhile, franchise veterans may be confused by the new setup.

After watching some live broadcasts, there were a few mistakes that even professional players make when it comes to Madden NFL 23. Don’t get upset about making these mistakes, they happen to everyone, this list can just be a handy reminder of what needs to be fixed.

10 Have only one career

Face of the Franchise is a great place to start. But gamers can become incredible linebackers and then decide they’d like to play quarterbacks for a bit. In years past, this meant a new save file and saying goodbye to the old player.

Good news! Choosing to “Start a new career” does not get rid of the old player. In fact, players who want to play The Yard must have at least one of every potential position in Face of the Franchise to make the most of all their attributes.

9. Hitting a player with a ball

Over the past few years, despite the fact that there were many ways to fight, the best and safest way was simply to bump into a player with a ball. Trying to strip the ball seemed futile and slow, while the hitting stick became a complete nuisance due to its limited range and success.

Fortunately, alternative captures have returned. The hitting stick feels better than ever, and strikers with the ball can be stripped of the ball in the middle of their animation. The action does not end on impact, try to throw the player back or hit the ball on impact.

8 Playing in the yard in the face of the franchise

Over the years, The Yard has become a fan favorite, as it represents a more arcade style of football than the classic full-fledged gameplay. And, by all means, play this mode. But be sure to spend some time on Face of the Franchise first.

By becoming the best defender on the field in the campaign, players will receive upgrade points that can be used to improve their skills in The Yard. Since players will have to do a little bit of everything, get a moderate amount of skill upgrades at each position and dedicate The Yard full-time.

7. Managing one player in defense

The most obvious problem is that by controlling one player in defense, opponents simply avoid this area. On the line, smart players will summon an extra blocker against the player and neutralize even the best defenders before they can do any damage.

There is also a mechanical reason not to do this. Players who control the player will move faster and use special moves. It’s great, but it drains stamina. Give these players a chance to recover by alternating defenders.

6. Allowing computers to manage defenders

When the ball is released, the first thing gamers should do is control the nearest corner defender or safety. If you leave him alone with himself, the computer-controlled player will not accelerate or behave as if there are any problems. The best wide receivers are automatic touchdown receivers when left alone with their devices.

In addition, the computer catches picks terribly, even if it seems like an easy snag. Yes, defenders are not known for incredible hands, but there are some very simple techniques that AI simply cannot do. Human-controlled defensive backs look much better.

5 Confusion, Which Currency does What

I can’t blame anyone for this, different currencies are one of the problems that the game should fix. Despite some simplifications, players are faced with the task of managing points, experience, reputation, credits and coins. What is this, some kind of free nightmare?

Players may think they are doing something to promote their legacy, but in fact they are earning currency by spending it on a mode they are not playing. Try to figure out which currencies matter for the preferred mode before you invest too much.

4 Leave the settings as is

The first thing that beginners should start getting to know the game is the settings. It has everything from difficulty to duration of the game, as well as several sliders to customize the experience. For example, players may get injured, as is often the case with NFL athletes, but this can be avoided or reduced here.

It is also strongly recommended to go back to the settings. If the game just doesn’t work or some particular aspect seems wrong, go ahead and tick it. Multiplayer modes and rules are blocked, these settings are intended solely for the pleasure of the player, so change them without remorse.

3 Taking part in the game

Sometimes, after the announcement of the draw, the defense is lucky, and she guesses perfectly. First, gamers will launch the doomed game and hope for more luck next time. It’s not necessary. If the box is stacked next to or to the right, it is enough to touch the thumb to turn the game to the weaker side.


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