$ 10 million for Powerbeats 2 issue from Apple!


Apple will still pay users for a problem. Now Apple has agreed to pay $ 10 million for the Powerbeats 2 problem. The company previously agreed to pay iPhone owners because it reduces the life of the battery. Apple also pays users for a battery-related lawsuit.

Apple Powerbeats 2 paying as a result of the problem

Some users who bought their Powerbeats 2 wireless earbuds from Apple filed a class action lawsuit regarding their charging issue. In this context, Apple has agreed to pay $ 9.75 million. The Beats signed Powerbeats 2 wireless headset, which was launched in 2017, stood out with its sweat resistance and battery life.

Allegedly, users cannot use these promised features, meaning it runs out of charge quickly and passes water when sweaty. In the case filed because it is thought to be a design error, there is a decision not only for Powerbeats 2, but also for Powerbeats 3.

Plaintiffs also accuse Apple of failing to repair or replace the devices within the one-year warranty period. The company denies the allegations, stating that, according to the agreement, “the risks, uncertainties, burden and costs of the ongoing lawsuit” only wanted it to be resolved.

Lawyers for the case began contacting Powerbeats 2 and 3 owners via email.


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