10 Memes that Perfectly Describe Homelander as a Character


Even though new characters have been added to the crowded landscape of “Boys” characters in season 3, the Homelander remains a charming superhero, especially now that he is leaning more than ever to his diabolical side. Sharing the co-captain title with Starlight has only made his ego more aggressive, and he’s looking for new ways to prove his worth.

If Homelander were a typical Superman cipher, he wouldn’t be nearly as interesting as he is, but his need to be loved and get his way at all costs reveals the dark influence of fame on the cape and hood lifestyle. These memes reflect the heroism that the public associates with the Motherland, the narcissism that he reveals to other members of the Seven, and the evil that he reserves for Boys.

Homelander is What Will Happen If Captain America and Superman Become Evil

With an American flag instead of a cape and golden eagles on his shoulders, the Homelander should be the embodiment of freedom and justice, like Captain America from Marvel or Superman from DC. But unlike Cap or the Big Blue Boy Scout, Homelander is not selfless or heroic, and continues to cast a shadow on their altruistic reputation.

From the very first season, when he refused to save desperate plane passengers from the incident he caused, his character’s morality was firmly shown to be hypocritical. Even with all his superhuman abilities, if there is a chance that something bad can happen to the Homelander (or his reputation), he will gladly sacrifice as many people as it takes to avoid it.

Homelander has suddenly become a fan favorite

Despite his characteristic arrogance, selfishness and aggression, the Homelander suddenly became a fan favorite. In many ways, this can be attributed to Anthony Starr’s game, which provides a balance between excessive caricature and a charming sociopath, and quite often is one of the funniest Boy characters.

There are glimpses of the Homelander’s humanity, which also manifest themselves, especially when he communicates with his son, and Starr manages to evoke a drop of sympathy from the fans. One of the hallmarks of Homelander is unpredictability, and most fans can’t wait to see what it will do next.

A Homelander saves lives when he likes it

Some of Homelander’s best quotes highlight his arrogance and vanity. After all, being a superhero is about fame and glory, not saving lives. As this meme shows, the Homelander likes to seem like a hero rather than performing his duties as such, and when he really saves the village from harm, as in the second season, his honest approach to his work leads to unexpected collateral damage.

The “boys” do a great job of creating a PR machine behind superheroes, and Vought CEO Stan Edgar often compares them to “products” that need to be sold, or to “kids” that need to be managed. Wout created Homelander as the perfect superhero for the public, but he never considered how his incredible abilities would affect how he perceives the people he was supposed to save.

Homelander considers himself better than everyone else

Quite often, the Homelander sees himself as a “higher” being, more like a “god” than even a superhero, as a result of which the Wout spends most of his time so that the general public does not find out about the personal views of the Homelander.

In the third season, the Homelander unexpectedly makes it clear to the public that it is “difficult” to be so much better than them, and instead of his approval ratings falling, he sees a surge in popularity and is considered honest, outspoken and even inspiring for “talking like it is.” He suddenly becomes a beacon of nonconformity because he doesn’t fawn over the bureaucracy, even when he insults his fans.

Is this part of fascism?

When Homelander meets Stormfront, sparks fly. Not only does their hostile attitude towards each other lead to something romantic, there is a chemistry between them that goes beyond the fact that he shoots lasers from his eyes, and she can channel pure energy.

As follows from this meme, Homelander and Stormfront are similar to the fascist version of Captain America and Thor, with the latter showing Homelander how easy it is to control and manipulate people based on their static ideologies. Their relationship is a sobering exploration of cognitive distortions and the incredible harm they can cause.

When a Homelander smiles, it’s a bad sign

Not only do his superpowers separate him from other people, his inability to regulate his emotions also leads to disagreements between the Homelander and others. From the general public to the lords of the Howts and their peers from the “Seven”, it becomes increasingly difficult for the Homelander to switch between moods over the course of the season.

At one point, the Homelander’s open smile could inspire camaraderie, but now that fans see it, they wonder who is being killed with a laser. Now it’s a patronizing pantomime, it precedes him exploding with anger at someone, actually turning her into a paradoxical and hypocritical symbol, not much different from himself.