10 Memes That Best Reflect WWE 2K Video Games


After 2021 marked the first time in franchise history that WWE 2K was not released during a calendar year, the popular wrestling series triumphantly returned in 2022. when it started showing too many repetitions, a lack of innovation and, most infamously, became burdened with too many technical errors and failures.

However, WWE 2K22 has earned positive reviews, which perhaps marks a permanent return to the form of the once thriving sports franchise. To contextualize the success of the game in relation to the franchise as a whole, a lot of hilarious memes tell a whole story.

Disappearing Gear

As the WWE 2K series wore down, its reputation for hilarious and horrific gaming mistakes and crashes skyrocketed. But even before the record low in WWE 2K20, the sudden disappearance of equipment inside the ring during a wrestling match has become a common occurrence.

Whether it’s steps, folding chairs, ladders or other tools in the ring, the devices in the ring simply rise and disappear without a trace or a hint of warning. Thus, Mark Bravo makes fun of the classic SpongeBob meme “Ight Imma Head Out”, explaining how quickly fans were ready to leave the stage after such technical failures.

Reduced graphics

After 2K placed its name on the tile through WWE 2K14, many fans believe that the game has the best graphics to date. In a parallel comparison meme that says a thousand words, the obvious difference between 2K14 and 2K18 sums up the diminishing impact of the franchise.

Indeed, 2K14 marked the absolute pinnacle of the detailed graphics presented in the franchise, which simply faded away as the annual releases progressed. When 2K18 was rebuked for its disappointing visuals, the series rebounded from 2K19 only to present the worst record of all in 2K20, reinforcing the glaring inconsistencies the meme points out.

The whole descent is from here

Adhering to the notion that WWE 2K14 marks the absolute pinnacle of the series to date, another funny accurate meme suggests that every second entry will leave players in the fools. Indeed, everything goes downhill after reaching the highest point set in 2K14.

Of course, the meme also refers to Thumper, a ski instructor from South Park who, despite Stan’s improved performance on the slopes, made everyone’s lives pretty miserable in the process. Until WWE 2K19 came along and WWE 2K22 added exciting new wrinkles, that’s how most wrestling gamers felt about this franchise.

There is no love for divas

Currently, women’s wrestling is even more intense and exciting than most of the men’s wrestling. However, when WWE 2K15 advertised itself as the most realistic game in the history of the series, it did not necessarily mean relegating women to the background as mere divas. The meme serves as a sly barb aimed at the game for not giving female wrestlers a chance to prove themselves.

Although Diva matches usually last three to four minutes, they have since been supplanted by much larger events, such as the “Battle Royale”, “Hell in a Cell” and “Iron Woman” matches, which much more accurately reflect the role of women in the wrestling ring. .

Bonus angle for pre-order

One thing WWE 2K players know is that the series constantly gives fans what they want, only to disappoint them soon after. One striking example of this is the consecutive pre-order bonuses that give customers the opportunity to play some of the coolest and coolest characters.

From 2015 to 2017, fans had to fight with Sting, Arnold Schwarzenegger as the Terminator and Goldberg, three super-tough warriors worthy of entrance tickets. But then, in 2018, Olympic wrestler Kurt Angle joined them, which again became a big disappointment for fans who began to revive faith in the franchise. Kurt Angle is an experienced wrestler himself, but he pales in comparison to others. Notice Engle’s friendly smile compared to the snarling grins of the others.

Arbitrary ratings

As every WWE 2K fan can attest, inaccurate ratings of various wrestlers from game to game are arbitrary at best, and meaningless at worst. Take, for example, Roman Raines, who, despite a terrible year of real wrestling in WWE, somehow managed to get the highest ratings in 2K18.

In addition, the hysterical meme with a split image also hints at the ridiculous fact that no matter how hard someone punishes an opponent in the ring, he will inevitably strike his usual finishing move out of nowhere. The priceless reaction of Pauly D is especially relevant.