10 Korean Horror Movies You Must See


An evening at the movies is the perfect plan for any day, but horror stories will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Korean film and television have shown their potential through a large number of themes and genres, but when it comes to horror, they will undoubtedly manage to scare you and leave you thinking for a long time.

Although some of these productions touch on social issues that South Korea faces, they also have a gloomy touch that will make you turn on the lights after learning these scary stories.

A school, a hospital, a new home or even your own room could give rise to suspense and mystery stories according to these horror tapes, do you dare to see them?

Give this type of film a chance and let yourself be surprised by the productions that Asia country offers, we assure you that you will not be disappointed.



A 2018 film that takes us to know a Gonjiam psychiatric hospital, this site not only housed strange cases of a large number of patients while it was in operation, but it was also the site where 42 people committed suicide. With a large number of rumors surrounding this clinic, a group of people decide to visit the ruins to discover the truth and broadcast it live.

White: Melody Of The Curse

It tells the story of a female idol group called Pink Dolls, although they are not a successful group, everything changes when they release a melody under the name White. From that moment, the four members compete to be the main star, but when one of them is chosen, she is also the victim of an accident that will end her life, that is how they discover that the song that launched them to fame is by made a curse.


The Closet

Features the story of a little girl who frequently talks to her father about an imaginary friend. This does not seem to be of high importance until the little girl suddenly disappears and, after that, more children in the area will have the same fate.

Horror Stories

This movie takes us to meet a murderer suffering from a sleep disorder, he kidnaps a young student, but gives her a task to stay safe. Tell you all the scary stories you have ever heard.

A Tale Of Two Sisters

It tells the story of Su Yeon and Su Mi, two sisters who lost their mother. Su Mi was treated in a psychiatric institution, but now she is back home and will have the task of defending her sister, who is afraid of her new stepmother. A series of paranormal events begin to occur at her home and Su Yeon believes her stepmother could be the culprit, but she will discover that not everything she sees is what it seems.

Death bell

A group from a high school is taking a special course to pass the exam that will give them access to college. However, everything takes a different direction when they are trapped and a voice announces that they must solve a series of puzzles and for each incorrect answer, a student will lose their life.

Wishing Stairs

It tells the story of two friends who go to the same ballet school, their relationship is very good until they must compete for a special role, it is then that Sung Jin asks the Wishing Stairs to grant him the role that he longs for, but as Consequently, Soo Hee has an accident in which she will lose her life.

The Wailing

This film takes place in a rural area where a kind of epidemic begins to take hold, the strangest thing is that before dying, the infected seem to go crazy and then lose their lives in terrible ways. Although the police believe that it is a fungal disease, there is a dark secret that must be revealed.



A couple loses their son and decides to move to a rural area to recover from this event, when they get there, they find an adorable-looking girl who curiously has a voice identical to that of the boy they lost, so they will start to take affection, but they will be surprised to discover what is the truth behind that girl.


After her best friend commits suicide, Soo Na faces a difficult stage that leads her to lock herself in her room in a hikikomori state, but the strangest thing is that she talks to someone that nobody else sees and her body begins to undergo terrifying changes .

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