10 Jungkook phrases to keep your dreams going


Meet Jungkook’s best phrases, the BTS member will fill your day with happiness and good vibes with his words.

Jungkook is the youngest member of BTS, at his young age he has conquered his dreams, the key to his success is the dedication, dedication and commitment he puts into each of his activities with his bandmates and solo.

Nobody can deny Kookie’s charisma, because in addition to making ARMY fall in love, social media users love him, and his impact and popularity have been demonstrated on different social platforms. Wooow.

Not for nothing is his nickname the ‘Golden Maknae’, because the idol of the company Big Hit Entertainment is famous for his skills, having many talents and abilities, such as singing, dancing and rap, but off stage he is also a boy very prepared because he loves sports and art.

They say that age has nothing to do with maturity, Jungkook is a clear example of this, as some of his phrases reveal his true personality, strong and brave, with fears, but that he knows how to face them. Owww.

The boy originally from the city of Busan, constantly inspires his fans to carry on despite difficult circumstances, along with his colleagues from the Batanga Boys are very important people who help ARMY to be better every day.

This time we bring you the best phrases from Jungkook, the singer’s messages will make you happy and his words will reach the deepest part of your heart. Tell us in the comment box, what is your favorite and special phrase from JK?

  1. We all have opportunities, even if we do not know what is to come, hard work will always help us get there
  2. ARMY always gives us a chance to move on
  3. I have told the BTS guys that when they have children I want to call me uncle
  4. I really want to be your singer forever
  5. My Hyungs made me who I am now, so I’m too grateful to all of them
  6. Even if I fall and hurt myself, I’ll keep running through all my dreams
  7. Do not be afraid again, whatever other people say about you ignore, you will be fine
  8. I don’t know what these feelings are, maybe this is also a dream, the dream is a blue mirage in the desert
  • Euphoria.
  1. We laugh and cry together, all these simple emotions maybe they were everything to me
  • Still with you
  1. I feel like I’ve grown faster than anyone else, my life has been a movie all the time, the boy who saw the world too big, ran all day long with a microphone in his hand
  • My Time
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