10 Interesting Facts About TWICE’s Mina To Celebrate Her Birthday


Today Mina is celebrating her birthday and nothing better to commemorate this special day than learning about her.

The TWICE vocalist has conquered audiences with her angelic aura, dreamy voice, and charismatic personality, she knows Mina and her path to fame better.

Mina is a girl full of talent and was born on March 24, 1997, so she is ruled by the sign Aries within the zodiac. She is originally from San Antonio, Texas but moved to Japan with her family when she was a child. Because her family is Japanese, she has dual nationality within her records.

 Her real name is Myoui Mina and since her debut in TWICE she has not stopped conquering new fans who are captivated by her charm. Although this girl may seem quiet, when she is with her groupmates she shows her great sense of humor and the good connection she has created with them.

Mina’s fans did not let her birthday pass unnoticed and ONCES from all over the world have filled social networks with messages of celebration and admiration for this idol, which are accompanied by the hashtag #BlackSwanMinaDay.

 In addition, this idol has earned the recognition of her followers due to her strength when it comes to overcoming difficult moments, being an example for all those who at some point have felt discouraged.

If you want to know Mina better , here we tell you 10 curiosities about her life, her hobbies and other interesting facts about this singer that you should know.


  1. The story of her audition for JYP Entertainment reveals that it happened unexpectedly. The company was holding the global audition and visited Japan, the event was held at the same site where Mina was shopping with her mom so a staff member approached her and invited her to try her luck. She auditioned for the song Goodbye Baby by Miss A.
  2. She loves to shop online so she considers it one of her great hobbies as she can spend hours browsing sales sites and choosing items she would like to have.
  3. She had little time in training, making her the TWICE member who spent the least time as a trainee before her debut. It only took Mina a year to prepare before officially joining the group.
  4. She loves to watch movies, however, she prefers films that are suspense and action rather than romance. Her favorite series is Harry Potter and she has seen the movies a great number of times due to the affection she has for the story and its characters, especially Hermione.
  5. Mina confessed that her ideal type would be a kind, polite and funny guy, someone who is determined and skillful when making decisions. So the idol finds the balance between a good sense of humor and responsibility attractive.
  6. She loves to accompany some of her dishes with ketchup and her favorite brand is Heinz, one of her menus that cannot be missing is the egg with this side, a very practical but delicious breakfast that surely many of her fans also enjoy.
  7. She studied ballet for 11 years, she began practicing this dance technique from the age of 8 and her favorite production is Le Corsaire. When Mina was a contestant on SIXTEEN she showed her talent and wowed both the JYP members and the audience.
  8. Because she was born in America she also has an English name, she was registered as Sharon Myoi.
  9. Like every good vocalist loves to go to karaoke and show her passion for singing, Mina’s favorite tune to sing in this situation is Ariana Grande’s Almost is Never Enough .
  10. Mina is also really flexible, she participated several times in the ISACs and in addition to joining her peers in group trials, she shone with her artistic gymnastics show. W


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