10 iKON Songs You Should Add To Your Playlist


The best iKON songs that you must have in your playlist, with these 10 singles you will know the talent of the K-pop group.

YG idols had great success since their debut, with rap and hip hop songs they managed to conquer the Korean charts. They have also stood out for their talents as lyricists who managed to conquer iKONIC and in just five years they have managed to establish themselves as one of the most popular and promising K-pop groups.

Self-love, relationships and broken hearts, as well as partying and fun, have been iKON’s inspirations for each of their songs, which combine catchy beats, rhymes and a very urban style, even if they are ballads. , the K-pop group always shows their talents in rap.

Throughout their career they have had great successes, especially with “Love Scenario”, a song that reinvented the theme of heartbreak songs, as the idols gave them a much more mature vision to say goodbye to that special person, even They managed to present it at the closing of the 2018 Asian Games, in a Jakarta stadium full of thousands of people and athletes.

If you want to know more about the boys or add new K-pop songs to your list, iKON has 10 unbeatable songs that will win you over thanks to their talent. Put on your headphones and enjoy some of the best rappers in the industry.

If you want to know more about the iKON guys, discover everything you need to know about each member with this basic guide.


Love Scenario

The song that further consolidated her success. iKON sings to broken hearts and love breaks in a different way, because the song invites you to say goodbye to that person and treasure the moments you lived together, because despite saying goodbye it was something beautiful that you lived.


A very emotional ballad that highlights iKON’s rap and whose lyrics are a lesson in learning from mistakes when it’s too late. In a scenario that shows the separation of a couple, the boys apologize for not knowing how to protect that girl, being a bit selfish and defrauding the trust of that special person, a perfect song to dedicate.

Bling bling

Since their debut, iKON has been a promise of success and this song proves it. As an anthem to praise their lifestyle, the K-pop group’s hip hop style accompanies a lyric that talks about cool boys celebrating their lives and showing off their jewels and their success, it is also a clear message to the fans. haters: what they say about them they don’t care.

I’m ok

A song with an urban rhythm that highlights the rhymes of iKON with explosive beats that accompany raw and direct lyrics: loneliness and pretending to be fine. Sometimes self-love is forged through the different difficulties of life and although children sing about not needing anyone else, sometimes we need a cry for help when we have a bad time. This song can be a catharsis if you feel misunderstood.

Rythm Ta

A song reminiscent of old-school hip hop in K-pop, iKON sings through rhymes and with very urban outfits about having fun with music and being sure that they will get what they want, they just need to be themselves . This was one of their first songs and since then they have had a great reception in the industry. The perfect single that will make you dance.

Dumb & Dumber

Another of her successes during her first year of career. IKON shows a fun and youthful side, because it’s all about party. The rhythm of this song will be the perfect soundtrack for your nights of fun, either with your friends or in your room. The lyrics talk about being free, not being shy when dancing and enjoying life without worrying about what the others say.

What’s wrong?

A ballad with rhymes that portray the breakup of a couple. iKON sings about a toxic relationship where that person does you more harm than happy, sometimes there are people who are selfish and make us believe that we are the bad guys in the story, but this song is perfect to say goodbye to your ex and realize that you are worth more than that person.


A quiet ballad that you will need to hear if you need to do a catharsis through music. iKON once again showcases its talent for slow rhymes as it sings about leaving your home, family, friends goodbye in order to fulfill your dreams. The boys revealed that they have suffered throughout their careers, because there are sacrifices and moments that they must live to achieve success, but they do not regret anything, because the sky is their limit.


A funny ballad about falling in love. iKON talks about starting to feel emotions for a person you didn’t think was possible, in this case his best friend. Idols discover the nerves and butterflies they feel when they see that special girl, whom they see as someone else, but they do not understand the new feelings that provokes and they feel a bit confused.


A ballad that you can dedicate if you are in love, the iKON guys sing about a person they think about all the time, but it seems that the feeling is not mutual, however, the lyrics are a good opportunity to confess what you feel for that boy who makes you sigh.


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