10 hidden functions to speed up the use of WhatsApp Web


Discover 10 tips to get the most out of WhatsApp Web; this version has some “hidden” features that are very useful

WhatsApp Web has “hidden” functions that facilitate the use of the messenger on the PC. Features like quick emoji search and keyboard shortcuts can be helpful for those who use this version on a daily basis.

Next in Somagnews, we will show you 10 tips to get more out of WhatsApp Web, listing some interesting tricks.

1. Quick search for emojis

WhatsApp Web has an accurate but little known search feature that helps users find emojis. To use it, simply enter a conversation and type the term related to the emoji in the chat.

For example, if you type “: family”, all emojis with that theme will be displayed quickly; It is also possible to navigate between them using the arrow keys and the “Enter” key to select an option.

2. Use two accounts

One of the attractions of WhatsApp Web is that it allows you to use two accounts at the same time, something very useful for those who have two numbers and need to constantly communicate with other people.

To do this, simply open your browser and go to web.whatsapp.com with the first account. Then open an incognito window, log into the same website, and scan the QR code for the second account.

3. Set notifications

By default, WhatsApp Web always shows notifications for a conversation. This is not a bad thing, but depending on the flow of messages, these alerts can be quite annoying, especially during business hours. Fortunately, you can disable any type of notification with this trick.

The process is very simple: go to WhatsApp Web, click on the three dots in the left corner and then on “Settings”. Now, simply click on “Notifications” and disable all options to stop receiving alerts.

4. View a conversation by hovering over it

On WhatsApp Web, you can read a message without notifying the other person that it has been seen. It is not necessary to disable the read receipt, since in the PC version you can simply hover over the conversation to display the last message sent, eliminating the need to enter the chat.

5. Drag files to attach

When a person uses WhatsApp Web, they are usually working, studying or doing some important task. In these situations, you may need to send files to other contacts. To facilitate the process, the messenger allows you to drag and drop them directly into the conversation.

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6. Text format

As with the mobile version, the text format is also available on WhatsApp Web. To make a word bold, place it between two asterisks (**). For italics, use the underscore (_), while for strikethrough texts the tilde (~) is applied. Finally, for the monospaced font, use three bass accents (`).

7. Convert emoticons into emojis

WhatsApp Web can also turn an emoticon into an emoji. To do this, just type it normally in the chat of the desired conversation.

For example, if you type “:-D”, the messenger will automatically switch to ��. Various options can be used, such as “:-)”, “:-(“, “:-P” and “<3”.

8. Create a shortcut on the desktop

For those who use WhatsApp Web on a daily basis, a good tip is to create a shortcut on the desktop of the PC to speed up the login to the platform.

This process can be done in any browser. In Google Chrome, open the official website of the messenger, click on the three dots in the upper right corner and then on “More tools”. Once done, click on the “Create Shortcut” option.

9. Keyboard shortcuts

Some keyboard shortcuts can speed up navigation. Unfortunately, they do not work in the web version, only in the WhatsApp application for Windows and macOS.

Opening a new conversation, creating a group and switching between chats, for example, are options offered by the platform. See the full list below:

Ctrl / Command + N: start a new conversation;
Ctrl / Command + Shift + N: create a group;
Ctrl / Command + Shift + /: switch between conversations;
Ctrl / Command + E: archive a conversation;
Ctrl / Command + Shift + M: mute a conversation;
Ctrl / Command + Shift + U: mark a conversation as unread;
Ctrl / Command + Backspace / Delete: delete a conversation;
Ctrl / Command + P: open your profile.

10. Navigate the Tab key

Still on the keyboard, WhatsApp Web also supports Tab key navigation. The first touch selects the search area; the second, the most recent conversation; the third, the emoji button, and the last, the writing area.


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