10 Great and plotless movies about people hanging out, according to Reddit


Sometimes all the audience wants is to sit and relax in front of a movie that doesn’t require much thought. A “plotless” film does not necessarily mean that there is no story in the film, instead the story is often pushed to the background, allowing the interactions between the characters and their surroundings to carry the narrative.

Movies about hangouts often take place during the same day and tell about characters who wander aimlessly around different places or almost in the same place. Touching on existential issues, everyday affairs or the passage of time, these films depict life as it is, without romanticizing it.

SLC-Punk (1998)

SLC Punk is “On the Needle” if it were a lighthearted comedy. Although there are darker moments in it, most of the movie is about two punks hanging out with the weirdest people. nudesamurau offered this hidden gem starring Matthew Lillard and Michael Gurdjian as Stevo and Bob, two young people who rebel against the system and the easy life they led for the sake of a selfless rebellious routine filled with drugs, music and strange hairstyles.

Addressing many of the slang and trends of the early ’80s, the film does a great job of accurately placing the audience in the punk scene. From hardcore parties to small conflicts with “geeks”, the two main characters watch as their 20 years slip away in vain, with no visible chance of a serious future.

Almost Famous (2000)

A trip taking place in “Almost Famous” is probably everyone’s dream; a chance to witness fame without necessarily jeopardizing a lifetime on the path to fame and luxury. Here’s how merlin401 relates to the film and states: “It’s always so fun, relaxing with such a nostalgic beautiful world and great music.”

The action of “Almost famous” takes place in 1973. The story of a 15-year-old aspiring rock journalist intersects with an unusual woman named Penny Lane and goes on a journey with her and a promising band on their tour. By collecting interviews and information about the band’s daily routine, a young man learns what it means to be a rock star, as well as what it means to be young in the 70s, in a vivid story of growing up.

Once upon a Time in Hollywood (2019)

Deviating from its popular violent style, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” became a surprise in Tarantino’s filmography. Keiscatti mentions, “Remember how you saw his premiere and were caught off guard by how cold it was.” The film shows the everyday life of famous Hollywood figures, as well as the daily life of urban hippie losers who are part of a dangerous cult that will soon become dangerous.

In iconic outfits and the exact appeal of the 60s, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood” portrays both the good and bad sides of a promising era through the eyes of two friends who are opposites of each other: Rick Dalton as a sensitive actor, crazy about creating a difference in the movie scene, and Cliff Booth, an easy-going man full of wit and of a dangerous nature. However, two very different types of stories end up suddenly colliding with each other.

The Big Lebowski (1998)

The most reviewed film of the Coen brothers, the jokes of the Big Lebowski only get better every time. Jeff Bridges plays the iconic Jeffrey “Dude” Lebowski, an easy-going guy who just wants to enjoy a couple of drinks and a glass with his friends. When he is deceived by a millionaire, also called Lebowski, he finds himself embroiled in a series of strange events and the strangest personalities in the city.

The Big Lebowski, proposed by TastyWheat, is a film that has only a theoretical plot. While the characters are involved in a mystery revolving around the abduction of a young woman, the plot leads nowhere, going back and forth in a confusing situation involving nihilists, severed toes, a lot of money and a rug that really tied the room together. Offering great cinematography that drives comedy scenes, the film also has incredible trip sequences that guarantee a fun ride.

Clerks (1994)

Catharsis79 states, “Clerks is one of my all—time favorite movies.” The first of the trilogy (the third film, which is scheduled for release later this year), “Clerks” will tell about video store sellers Dante and Randall, two sarcastic, scandalous and bored crazy friends.

On a normal working day, two friends do everything not to annoy customers; they go about their personal lives, improvise a hockey match on the roof and even attend an awkward funeral between shifts. “Clerks” offers a series of incredibly uncomfortable situations that make the viewer think “what did he do?!”, and most importantly, fits these chaotic events into the most uninteresting scenarios. It’s the routine of every day, but it makes it hopeless, frustrating and stuck in the opposite direction.


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