10 empty, but funny websites from which it is impossible to get out once inside


Would you like to get acquainted with the most empty websites in the world, but once you enter, you can’t leave? If you have a lot of time and you are bored, let’s include you in our list.
There is no law that says we will always use the Internet efficiently… That’s why there’s a funny and time-killing worldwide website in the depths of the internet that makes you wonder what they were thinking while doing it.

I have listed some of the funny and really “empty” ones that I came across on these sites. Filling the screen with colorful lines and endless mouse waving or recording by someone you don’t know; If you want to kill time listening to sometimes strange, sometimes funny audio recordings, there are a lot of options waiting for you below. If you say, “I found it funnier,” don’t forget to share it with us in the comments. Have fun!

10 empty and funny sites

Mass Click Event: Fizzy Pudding

On this site, all you have to do is tap on the screen. Each click creates a colored ring, and these rings begin to enlarge and fill the screen. That’s all… But watching and clicking is quite fun, I managed to lock up…

Create your own hypnotic images: Milkway

This is a website that works according to the same logic. A blank screen will open and you will be able to create shapes with lines of size and density that you specify on the screen. Whether you’re drawing or just watching them rotate on the screen. It’s especially fun to cover the whole screen over and over and watch the lines.

The most ridiculous, but the most stable blog in the world: Shy Third

Indeed, one of the most ridiculous and empty blogs in history; the shy third. Our friend keeps track of his “poop” on this blog. On the other hand, from time to time he tells very funny stories and makes funny analogies… The reason for creating this ridiculous blog is that, in his own words, he considers it absurd that “we never talk about what everyone is doing.” daily’. We should also add that he has been doing this for three years…

Nice to watch and listen to: Nightdrive

This is a site where you can enjoy a night trip, travel in the light of lanterns and look at a blank screen with pleasant music… Following the lights is quite pleasant thanks to the effect of the accompanying music. Of course, up to a certain point.

What’s Wrong with Cats: Cat Bounce

This is a website with a very high level of absurdity that suddenly pours cats onto the screen, and then moves these cats from place to place with small mouse movements. If you are tired of throwing cats back and forth from time to time, you can start the “cat rain” with a single button.

A website that needs an epilepsy warning: Staggering Beauty

You can move this shapeless snake that you see on the screen as you want with the mouse. But when you speed up, things change a little bit. It’s a great way to lock yourself up and drive you crazy… And it really needs more warning about epilepsy than a little warning on the sidelines.

Let’s get creative and turn on the criticism mode: Bandnames

You can either create funny “group names” and add them to the system, or vote for the funny and creative names you have come up with. Every time you spin the wheel, different strange names will appear in front of you. You can also share your suggestions with us!

You will see something you don’t expect: The hatch

Is a manhole cover a common object that you step on? Everything will change after visiting this site. There is something to look at on this site, where there are photos of the manhole cover of the world from different parts of the world, from different time periods, and those that make you wonder what it is now…

Recording or listening to random audio recordings sounds interesting: Post Secret Voicemail

Would you like to listen to voice recordings randomly sent by people you never know, or send your own voice recordings into the void? This site does exactly that. Some audio recordings are quite funny, while others are not subtle…

Hit someone with a fish? Please: EelSlap

This site, where you slap a gentleman on the screen with a fish, “waving” the mouse, has no other purpose. You can do this fun action in slow motion or overly hectic as you want. It was the site that I was most interested in, who came to mind and why…



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