10 Drames You Must Watch If You Love a Beautiful Love


Become an expert on romance stories in Chinese series by learning about some of the best dramas in this country.

Asian dramas have gained great popularity around the world, although initially it was K-Dramas that began to stand out, C-Dramas have shown very interesting proposals when it comes to love stories.

A Love So Beautiful is a clear example of this, the series conquered the audience of a great diversity of countries, who were hooked with the characters and the plot full of emotions.

If you are one of the people who loved this story, then you probably want to see more Chinese series that have a similar style, so we recommend some of the ones that you cannot miss.

Tell us if you have already seen any of these dramas or if you would add more to the list of recommendations for those who are beginning to discover the series from this country.



Chinese student-themed drama where we meet a group of students who face remains in friendship, their school responsibilities, and also venture into the discovery of love. Sun Xia Rou is a girl who falls madly in love with one of her classmates, only he is a genius who may not be easy to get close to.

Starring: Yi Heng, Xin Rui Qi


Yan Ze is a girl who has not discovered which of her qualities makes her shine, she is not very intelligent and neither the most beautiful or sociable, she is in love with her desk companion in the classroom, however, this boy noticed in the friend of Yan Ze, an attractive and charismatic girl.

Starring: Jiang Zhuo Jun and Zhu Dan Ni

LOVE 020

It tells the story of Bei Wei Wei, a smart girl with set goals, dreams of becoming an online game designer because of her passion for them. She is part of a role-playing game where no one knows the real appearance of the participants behind the screen and one day she is abandoned by her virtual husband. It is then that another player approaches her so that they can enter a competition as a couple.

Starring: Yang Yang and Zheng Shuang


Geng Geng is a shy high school student but with a pleasant personality, she has a best friend within the class and although they sometimes fight, they are both in love, only that neither has confessed their feelings. When a new student is transferred to the school he will be captivated by Geng Geng and will not hesitate to express his feelings, who will this girl give her heart to?

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Starring: Tang Song Yun, Liu Hao Ran, and Dong Qing


Gu Xiao tends to distinguish herself from the rest of the girls in her school, she is a successful professional wrestler who has a large number of awards, she does not do very well when it comes to school but she will find a motivation to strive thanks to the infatuation that has with Zuo An.

Starring: Lu Zhao Huan and Li Yu Han


If Tu Mo is a student who does not have plans for the future, she does not trust her own criteria and it is impossible for her to make decisions, for that reason she faces a bad moment when her graduation approaches and has not drawn up a plan, but after knowing Gu Wei Yi will take a turn in their life as they accidentally end up living together.

Starring: Fair Xing, Li Yi, and Tang Xiao Tian


She introduces us to a group of friends who go to the same school and belong to a radio club, the protagonist of this story is in love with a handsome and popular boy, but it is an unrequited love that accompanies her every day, despite As a result, this girl has a close relationship with her crush’s best friend, which will cause some confusion.

Starring: Li Jia Qi, Zhao Yi Qin, and Li Ge Yang


He Lou is a girl with a dreamy personality but who is also very intelligent, when she attends a tennis competition she falls madly in love with Zhang Yuan, who is the leader of one of the teams. Fate will reunite them when they are part of the same class.

Starring: Bai Yu and Bo Guan Jin


Xiao Miao Miao is an ordinary girl with an unrequited love who one day decides to transform her life by changing her style of dressing and the way she handles herself at school thanks to the fact that now she can interact with more people, will she be able to conquer the boy who likes?

Starring: Lai Kuan Lin, Zhao Jin Mai, Chai Wei


It is one of the adaptations of the Hana Yori Dango manga, it tells the story of a low-class girl who meets a group of four boys who, in addition to being handsome, belong to rich families. Although at the beginning she has a hostile relationship with the leader of this group, her relationship will gradually transform.

Starring: Shen Yue, Dylan Wang


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