10 Dramas You Should See If You Liked Love Alarm


If you loved Love Alarm and are looking for another K-Drama to watch, we recommend some of the best student love series that will catch you.

Love Alarm opened a new opportunity for many people to discover the charm present in the world of drama. The series lets us learn about the love story between Jojo and Sunoh, but also tests the latter’s friendship with her best friend, Hye Yeong.

The series takes up two of the favorite elements among fans of Korean dramas, youth romance and a love triangle that is full of twists and turns. For that and much more, Love Alarm became the favorite K-Drama of many, but Korean entertainment still has a lot to offer you.

If after watching this series you wanted to see something new with this same vibe, we recommend you take a look at the following stories, all of them include romance in a school environment, where the characters will face great challenges and some fun emotions.



Eun Sang is a poor girl who works all the time, however, she loses her patience after seeing that that life will not take her anywhere so she flies to Los Angeles for her sister’s wedding and hoping to change her destiny. After facing terrible disappointment, she finds herself alone in a place where she cannot communicate until Kim Tan helps her after being involved in an accident. She returns to Korea, without knowing she will meet this boy again.

Starring: Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye

Available on: Viki and Netflix


It tells the story of 5 college students who become classmates from the same house, although initially they do not have an excellent relationship, together they will discover how valuable friendship is and the challenges of love that each faces in their own way.

Starring: Han Ye Ri, Ryu Hwa Young, Han Seung Yeon, Park Eun Bin, Park Hye Soo

Available on: Netflix


Tae Joon is a talented athlete who has shone in international competitions, Jae Hee is a Korean girl who lives in the United States and is not living the best time of her life, but after seeing Tae Joon on television, she finds a new motivation to face your day to day. Thus, she travels to South Korea and pretends to be a boy so that she can enter the same school as Tae Joon and help her in whatever way she can.

Starring: f (X’s) Sulli and SHINee’s Choi Min Ho

Available at: Viki


This drama tells the story of Woo Seo Ri, a talented violinist who had an accident that left her in a coma while she was 17 years old, wakes up 13 years later and although time has passed, she perceives herself as the same girl of 17 which was years ago. Seo Ri will meet a mysterious boy who suffered a trauma that takes him away from love relationships, but when he meets everything will change.

Starring: Yang Se Jong and Shin Hye Sun

Available at: Viki

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The story begins in a music school, Kyu Won is a girl who studies modern music due to her grandfather was a great artist, while Lee Shin is a talented singer and guitarist who studies modern music and is part of a popular group. The personality of these characters makes them poles apart, but their paths will inevitably come together.

Starring: CNBLUE’s Jung Joon Hwa and Park Shin Hye

Available at: Viki


It tells the story of two twin sisters who lived in a shelter, one of them was adopted while the other remained in that place. Years later their lives are totally different, but a sudden accident ends with the disappearance of one of them and the other sister with no memory of her life. She will not only have to face an unfamiliar environment, but also a sudden love triangle.

Starring: Kim So Hyun, Nam Joo Hyuk, and BTOB’s Yook Sung Jae

Available at: Viki


The K-Drama takes place within a sports environment, Bok Joo is a student and also a very talented weight lifter, one day she meets an old classmate who also attends her school, only this boy is preparing to be a professional swimmer. They will return to a fun friendship, but their relationship will take some unexpected turns.

Starring: Lee Sung Kyu and Nam Joo Hyuk

Available at: Viki


Yun Tae is a university boy who does not have a good relationship with his family, thanks to his father having a lot of money, he sends Yun Tae to live alone in a big house where he doesn’t need anything. When some of his friends have difficulties they come to him in search of a temporary home, but Yun Tae will receive this request from several people at the same time and his house could become a bit chaotic. While all the inhabitants face challenges in school, friendship and love.

Starring: Ji Soo, Jung Jin Young, Jung Chae Yeon

Available on: Netflix


It tells the story of an angel who looks like a girl and who accidentally comes to earth. This is how she meets Shin Woo Hyun, a very popular boy in her school but who has had a difficult life and experiences of abandonment. They become close, but soon they will find themselves in a love triangle that will put a friendship to the test.

Starring: Kim Sae Ron, Nam Woo Hyun, and Lee Seung Yeol

Available at: Viki


This K-Drama presents the story of Eun Dan Ho, a young student who has a heart problem that will lead to death before the end of her adolescence, however, one day she discovers that her life is working in a very strange way. who discovers that she is actually a character from a webtoon, so she will do her best to begin to chart her own destiny and find love even if it goes against the writer’s wishes.

Starring: Kim Hye Yoon and Ro Woon

Available at: Viki

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