10 Dramas You Must See If You Loved The Goblin Story


Relive the story of “Goblin” with these must-see fantasy dramas if you liked the story starring Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun.

Korean entertainment is characterized by covering various genres for its plots, from romance, comedy, suspense, ancient times and fantasy, the latter making it possible for stories about deities, time travel, demons, legends or curses to come true across the screen.

“Goblin” has become one of the most popular and well-known Korean dramas, not only because of the performances of Gong Yoo, Lee Dong Wook and Kim Goe Eun, Korean actors with great status in the series. The story premiered in 2016 on tvN and for 4 years it has made thousands of fans cry for the story of its characters.

This drama is one of those that should be on your list yes or yes, as it is one of the plots that has most marked the fans, in addition to receiving several awards such as “Best Drama of the Year”, “Best Actor”, ” Best OST ”, among others. The synopsis portrays the life of a man who is condemned to become a Goblin and watch all his loved ones die, while he has eternal life.

In modern times, he meets a girl who is able to see ghosts thanks to a rare mark on her neck and her destiny is to become the girlfriend of the being that Gong Yoo plays. If you want to relive this story, we leave you a list with 10 dramas that you must see if you loved “Goblin”.

Travel in time, deities, mysteries, supernatural beings, nine-tailed demons or legends, build your marathon and enjoy the best Korean fantasy series. Another of the dramas that caused a sensation last year was Netflix’s “Love Alarm”, if you want to relive this story we leave you a list with 10 dramas that you must see if you liked the series.


A Korean Odyssey

Year: 2017
Stars: Oh Yeon Seo and Lee Seung Gi
Where to watch: Netflix
Fantasy drama that tells the life of a girl who is capable of seeing ghosts since she was little, so a demon takes advantage of her abilities to help her escape the forest. Years later, when she is an adult, she decides to be a real estate agent to sell haunted houses by driving away the ghosts, but she is reunited with the demon who deceived her. Her life will be in danger when they discover that her blood is very powerful.

The Legend of the Blue Sea

Year: 2016
Starring: Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun
Where to watch: Viki
Fantasy and romance drama that tells the life of a scholar in the Joseon era, where she meets a mermaid whom she helps to escape, unaware that there is something else that unites her destiny. In the present time, the old man is now a swindler who meets again with said mermaid, but without knowing the past they share.

Scarlet Moon Lovers

Year: 2016
Stars: IU and Lee Joon Ji
Where to see: Viki, Drama Releases
Period and fantasy drama that tells the life of Wango So and Hae Soo, the first of them is an heir to the throne and the second is a modern girl who accidentally ends up traveling back in time to the past. You will both develop feelings for each other, but sooner or later you will have to return to your own reality.

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My girlfriend is a Gumiho

Year 2010
Starring: Lee Seung and Shin Min Ah
Where to watch: Viki
Comedy drama that tells the life of a university student named Cha Dae Wong, who after a punishment ends up in a temple where he accidentally frees a nine-tailed fox, whose appearance is that of a girl. Afraid that he will do something to her, he decides to take care of her and keep her in the human world, developing a sentimental relationship between them. The Gumiho’s desire to be a real human is complicated when a supernatural being tries to trick her into killing the protagonist.

Bride Of The Water God

Year: 2017
Starring: Nam Joo Hyuk and Shin Se Kyung
Where to watch: Viki, Netflix
Fantasy drama that tells the life of a doctor named Yoon So Ah, who ends up crossing her path with the so-called god of water named Ha-Baek, who is in the human world looking for precious stones to help her take her wheel. She won’t believe him when he asks for her help, until other mystical beings appear to fulfill the deity’s plans.

Arang and the Magistrate

Year 2012
Starring: Lee Joon Gi and Shin Min Ah
Where to watch: Netflix, Viki
Fantasy and period drama that tells the life of Kim Eun Oh, a magistrate who ends up meeting the ghost of a girl who asks him for help to discover her past and her life before she died. However, there is a dark secret that relates the two after Arang’s death.

Tale of the Nine Tailed

Year: 2020
Starring: Lee Dong Wook, Kim Eun Oh, and Kibum
Where to watch: Viki
Fantasy drama that tells the life of Lee Yeon, a former nine-tailed Gumiho who used to reign in the supernatural world, now hides his identity as a public official, until a fan of the

supernatural named Nam Ji Ah tries to hunt him down to have him on her show. Things get complicated when the protagonist’s fox stepbrother appears to commit misdeeds

Moon hotel

Year: 2019
Stars: IU and Yeo Jin Goo
Where to watch: Viki
Fantasy drama that tells the life of Jang Man Wol, a girl who committed a great sin and is condemned to spend her life as the manager of a hotel whose inhabitants are ghosts. That is until he meets a CEO who decides to stay there.

While you were sleeping

Year: 2017
Starring: Lee Jong Suk and Suzy
Where to watch: Viki
Fantasy drama that tells the life of a prosecutor named Jung Jae Chan, who tries to run his life in the most fair way, until he meets Nam Hong Joo, a girl who can predict the future through her dreams. After crossing their paths both must find out the future that awaits them when the two share that gift.

Fairyland lovers

Year: 2020
Starring: Bai Yu and Zheng Qiu Hong
Fatanse drama that tells the life of Bai Qi and Lin Xia, the first of them is a doctor who rents the protagonist’s apartment for his office; However, she begins to suspect that something strange is happening, since the doctor never receives money and his patients are literally out of this world.


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