10 differences between WhatsApp versions of Android and iOS!


Features of the WhatsApp application may vary according to operating systems. The biggest example of this is observed in iOS and Android.

When it comes to managing WhatsApp, Meta continues the tradition of Facebook. When the company comes to a new feature, it first gives it to iOS devices. Then, in the next period, it brings this innovation to Android devices. For this reason, some features of the same application on two different operating systems may differ.

Differences between iOS and Android WhatsApp versions

This difference between the operating systems is directly noticeable when the design change, as well as an important feature such as photo status sharing and making voice or video calls. We have brought together 10 differences that are not so noticeable and are less known but important to their users.

In our opinion, in order for an application to be among certain factors when purchasing a stand-alone device, it must be only on that operating system or not supported on others. You can think of this as attracting users by keeping Blackberry’s BBM application private. However, although it is not among the main criteria, the side can be decisive in the head-to-head fight.

  • 8 features available only in the iOS version of WhatsApp
  • You can preview the chat without sending a read confirmation.
  • You can still keep images, videos, and GIFs that other people have deleted from the chat in your gallery.
  • You can blur images with the integrated editor.
  • You can manually save multimedia shares.
  • You can view the total number of unread conversations during a chat.
  • You can play voice memos from the notification bar without opening the app.
  • You can download images directly from a URL.
  • You can trim videos within the application.

It is estimated that some of these differences are due to the rules and security set by smartphone manufacturers. For example, Apple allows apps to save photos, videos, and GIFs to the gallery. But it limits their access to that.

For example, WhatsApp automatically saves an incoming image. However, since the application cannot access the gallery again and delete an image without the permission of the phone owner, it cannot be removed from the gallery even if the person who shared the relevant post in the chat has selected the delete for everyone option.

2 features available only in the Android version of WhatsApp

  • You can send uncompressed photos directly as documents.
  • You can select all chats in edit mode.

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