10 curiosities of My Holo Love to remember your story


The My Holo Love story has caught a huge number of fans, have you seen it yet?

Netflix has surprised us with the different productions that premieres each month and has certainly managed to gain the attention of followers of Korean dramas.

Although it is still a bit new area for the original Netflix series , the work done so far has been very successful, surprising with the proposals it has on its streaming platform.

My Holo Love is one of the series that premiered this year. If you already saw it, these facts about the filming and the actors will surprise you and remind you of their plot.


But if you’re still considering giving the drama a try , keep reading and spark your curiosity with this spoiler-free information.

  • It is the first time that actor Hwang Chan Sung plays a villain, although throughout the series we saw that his character was not as bad as he tried to be. The actor said it was a challenge trying to understand the reasons for the character, but in the end he was able to make a good performance.
  • Actor Yoon Hyun Min played two roles, Holo and Nando, but he claims that he identifies more with Nando because he has realistic qualities, while Holo is too perfect and kind.
  • Previously, Yoon Hyun Min was a basseball player and was on the Doosan Bears team.
  • One of the most difficult scenes for actress Go Sung Hee was where she had to ice skate, neither she nor Hyun Min knew how to do it, so they had to practice for a long time. In the end, Hyun Min learned to skate, but Sung Hee had to be helped by the staff.


  • Yoon Hyun Min accepted the role because of the multiple emotions he had to represent through his characters, but during filming he was so concerned with getting it right that he couldn’t sleep normally.
  • The director of this drama had also worked on productions like Shopping King Louis and Still Marry Me .
  • The protagonists had a lot of fun on the set because, as they pointed out themselves, they got along as well as if they were brothers.
  • None of the protagonists rule out the possibility that in the future it may be possible for humans to relate to artificial intelligences, as is the case with Holo.

  • The drama has 12 episodes, and while some suspected it would have a second season, the drama was planned to end in the twelfth episode, making it difficult to continue the story.
  • The movie Her was an inspiration to the writer and director of My Holo Love , as they both discussed the plot of the film and had the idea to create the drama.


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