10 Curiosities of Liam Payne to remember his story


Liam Payne’s career has led him to live experiences that give him an apprenticeship to continue building his history. Get to know Liam Payne better with these curious facts.

Liam James Payne rose to fame after becoming one of the members of the British-Irish boy band One Direction , however, before that he had already traveled a path full of effort and dedication.

Liam was born on August 29, 1993 in Wolverhampton, West Midlands and from an early age set himself various goals that would lead him to commit himself to outdo himself.


Although his destiny led him to world fame, Liam has never taken anything for granted, so he continually strives to be better at whatever activity he performs.

Keep reading and remember some fun facts about this artist’s life as you share your admiration for his music.

  • Liam admitted that he suffered bullying during his school years, which led him to practice boxing.
  • He auditioned at The X Factor UK in 2008 and, although his audition was a success, he was eliminated at the Judge House, so he was unable to participate in the live shows.
  • After being rejected in The X Factor he tried to continue his career, but he felt that he was not getting anywhere, this led him to be a victim of harassment .

  • Before aspiring to be a singer, he pursued the dream of being an Olympic runner . He trained very hard to do so but then resigned when he was rejected in an attempt to join the team.
  • He auditioned again for The X Factor in 2010 and surprised with the performance of the song Cry Me a River.
  • Liam has considered having an acting debut and his representatives have had some talks about it, however that moment has not yet reached his career, although he does not rule it out for the future.


  • He admitted that after a night of fun he woke up to a new tattoo and for a time considered removing it but never did.
  • Liam confessed that, among the videos he filmed with One Direction, Best Song Ever was one of his favorites, since it was very fun to record it and was surprised by the characterization that all the members received
  • He thinks being invited to NASA was one of the most incredible things that happened to him while he was at One Direction .
  • He released his first solo song in 2016, that was Strip That Down .
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