10 curiosities of Chris Evans to celebrate his birthday


Learn more about the life and career of Chris Evans and celebrate his 38 years of life.

Chris Evans has won over the public through his different appearances on the small screen and the cinema, but although his most recognized role is giving life to Captain America in various Marvel films, the actor has demonstrated his skills by experimenting in all kinds of land.

If you are a fan of this Boston-born actor, you probably already know that he is celebrating his 38th birthday today , so we invite you to deepen his career and the path he has taken to reach this point in his life.

Since Chris was a student, he began to pursue the dream of playing different roles, continue reading and find out some curiosities about his life:

  1. The movie that inspired him to start an acting career was One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, a 1975 film directed by Milos Forman.
  2. His mother is a tap dancer and dance teacher, while his father works as a dentist.
  3. He joined the theater arts team at his school, something his older sister had previously done.
  4. In his youth, Chris Evans was never interested in comics, but his acting career has led him to play different personalities of these types of stories, including Captain Amércia, the villain of Scott Pilgrim against the world and the human torch of The Fantastic Four.
  5. Chris rejected the role of Captain America, but Robert Downey Jr made him change his mind.
  6. If he hadn’t chosen to pursue his acting career, Chris Evans says he would have liked to become a famous painter.
  7. In 2004 Chris Evans acted in the movie The Perfect Score alongside Scarlett Johansson.
  8. He has a dog named Dodger, Chris adopted this pet in 2016 but he never hesitates to show affection for him.
  9. He shows his most caring side by visiting and donating to children’s associations that take care of children’s health, he usually wears his Captain America costume to make his visit more exciting for the little ones.
  10. He considers himself a spiritual person, because he has confessed that through meditation, techniques such as yoga and also religion, he considers that he has become a better version of himself.


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