10 couples who met on a reality show without dating


With the return of reality shows such as “Southern Charm” and “Big Brother” to the small screens, many factors support the interest of viewers. Sometimes it’s tough competition, and sometimes it’s drama. While there are plenty of dating reality shows out there, other reality shows tell love stories through all this chaos.

These couples sneak up on the viewer and managed to withstand all the drama of participating in a reality show. There are even couples who have been through several reality shows stronger than ever. But no matter what, these couples have won the hearts of fans through it all.

Rachel and Brandon: Big Brother

Rachel Riley and Brandon Villegas met in the 12th season of the TV series “Big Brother”. They were considered one of the most famous couples in the series, because throughout the season they were against the house. This was a common technique in Big Brother show musicals. They returned in season 13 as a duo, and Rachel became the winner.

The couple eventually got married, according to E! In 2012, they had two children online. The pair once again appeared in the “Amazing Race” and managed to stay firm throughout the competition.

Paige and Craig: Summer House / Southern Charm

Craig Conover has been a longtime cast member of Bravo’s Southern Charm since 2014. And Paige Desorbo has been an actor in Bravo’s Summer House since 2019. According to fans, they are both the two best Bravebrity. However, according to rumors, the two have been officially dating for several months. They repeatedly appeared on each other’s shows and officially met at Summer House, but remained close friends.

Only in the last season of the “Summer House” the couple began to get closer. They realized how strong their feelings for each other were, and put aside their other hobbies to devote themselves to each other. The two shows intersected in their love story, but the couple admitted that they meet exclusively on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live show.

Snooki and Ginny: Jersey Shore

Fans of the MTV series, Jersey Shore, may remember all the connections that happened. Many of the actors have had their share of affairs. However, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi met her current husband Johnny LaValle in the third season of the series. Jionni was known as just another guy in the club.

Eventually, they met again and started a relationship. Their relationship changed in the fourth season, but in the end their relationship became strong. Snooki welcomed her first child during a show with Jionni and they got married in 2014. According to In Touch Weekly, they had two more children, and they continued to support each other. Their relationship was explored in detail in the spin-off Snooki And Jwow.

Twitch and Allison: So you think you can dance?

Steven “Twitch” Boss and Allison Holker met as all stars in season 7 of the TV series “So You Think You Can Dance”. Both contestants are secretly in love with each other throughout the show. However, they didn’t get together until later.

People report that they have been happily married for nine years and have three children. They left their mark on TikTok with dance videos, and Twitch has been featured as a co-host on the Ellen DeGeneres Show since 2014. And they continue to be in the spotlight thanks to the films and TV shows in which they have appeared.

Eric and Jaime: Survivor

In season 15, Eric Huffman and Jamie Dugan met and managed to maintain a friendly friendship, which eventually developed into a long-term relationship years later. Both Jaime and Eric were part of the Zhang Hu tribe, where they relied on each other to survive. Their relationship was healthy and innocent. It turned out how they grew up a few minutes apart, which brought them closer. However, their time was cut short when Jaime was the first to be sent to the jury.

After all, this couple, like many other Survivor couples, dated after the show and even got married and had children. According to The Sway, they are still happily married and together since the 2007 season.

Zack and Jenna: The Challenge

Zach Nichols and Jenna Compono met on Challenge: Battle of the Former II back in 2014. They had a flirtatious relationship and also maintained a reputation as tough rivals during their seasons. Eventually, they started dating, and although there were difficult moments in their relationship, the couple managed to survive.

According to Us Weekly, Jenna and Zach got married in February 2021, they have a child together. They were one of the very few famous couples from The Challenge, and usually couples don’t survive on a show like this, but the time spent off the series seems to have strengthened their relationship.