10 Comics that Could Influence Thor: Love and Thunder


Since “Thor: Love and Thunder” is due out on July 8, some comic book fans may have noticed that Gorr the Butcher god doesn’t look like he does in the comics. But, for the most part, the MCU borrows most of its storylines from pre-existing comics, giving viewers a little idea of the direction the universe will go in regards to Asgardians, guardians, and cosmology.

Whichever direction “Love and Thunder” goes, the story will draw inspiration from other comics, in which Jane Foster is presented as the Mighty Thor, and Gorr as a vengeful villain. These comics may even hint at what happens to Thor and Jane Foster during their tours of Olympus and what Gorr has planned for them.

Unworthy Thor (2017)

This storyline, written by Jason Aaron, focuses on how Thor loses his powers and becomes unworthy. Instead of flying, he spends his time participating in mundane matches – a shadow of himself. There is also another Mjolnir in the comic, which clearly indicates that it belongs to Jane Foster, who is destined to play the main role.

An unworthy Tor will reflect Love and Thunder in many moments. While Thor regains his confidence at the end of Avengers: Finale, the glory of his former days continues to remind him of him. Viewers will see how this Thor will literally transform, and although he can fight at first, Thor will master his abilities and become the strongest version in the MCU.

Goddess of Thunder (2015)

Since Mjolnir lies on the moon, Thor is not worthy to lift the hammer. However, the mysterious woman is the key and turns into a powerful Thor. Like the previous owners of Mjolnir, she is not sure how and why she was chosen; however, she is worthy.

“Love and Thunder” will almost certainly tell about Jane’s journey with Mjolnir. Although information about her past is still unclear, viewers know that she and Thor know each other. How deep this relationship is is unclear, or she is from an alternate universe. But Jane could probably have been the Goddess of Thunder all along. Marvel is known for the wrong direction, and plot twists from Marvel Comics are possible.

Jane Foster and the Mighty Thor (2022)

In this new comic, again featuring Jane Foster as the main character, Mjolnir crashes into Foster’s apartment. Fearing the worst that has happened to Thor, she sets out to find him and save Asgard. Determined as always, she will find the answers she needs, even if she has to become Thor herself.

If this comic influenced the events in “Love and Thunder”, it would explain some points from the trailer. If for some reason Thor has become unworthy (or, more likely, has not regained his full strength), Jane comes to his aid. How Mjolnir appeared is still unknown, since Captain America brought back an alternate version in the “Finale”.

Thor: Son of Asgard (2004)

The series follows Thor in his early adventures with fellow Asgardians, Lady Sif and Balder, written by Akira Yoshida. For the most part, this limited series was devoted to the youthful adventures in which Thor found himself. These adventures range from infiltrating the trophy room, where Thor unsuccessfully tries to raise Mjolnir, to fighting spiders who have been enchanted by none other than Loki.

From the first teasers, viewers saw a young Thor running through the forests of what could be Asgard. These memories will surely give an idea of some of the Asgardian relationships that Thor has cultivated for hundreds of years.

Mighty Thor # 408 (1995)

In this issue, readers will learn about Thunderstrike for the first time. Eric Masterson is an architect working in New York, is friends with a builder named Sigurd Jarlson. After a near-fatal accident, Sigurd turns out to be Thor. Because of the trust that has arisen between them, Thor begs Odin to spare Masterson, and the duo merges.

Although it is unlikely that Eric Masterson will make his MCU debut, his appearance, wardrobe and style are heavily influenced throughout the film. In fact, Thor looks straight out of a possible Masterson comic book, Thunderbolt. A crimson vest, knee-high boots and a hairstyle capable of leading any rock band, Thora will instantly be recognized by any reader of Thunder Strike.

Brand New, Completely Different Avengers (2016)

The Avengers underwent radical line-up changes: Sam Wilson as Captain America, Jane Foster as Thor and Miles Morales as Spider-Man. In this comic, the team lives mostly separate lives. However, when a threat from out of this world appears, the team gets together again to fight other heroes, including Nova and Miss Marvel.