10 Cameos that Redditors Want to See in Ant-Man: Quantumania


Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantum Mania is coming out soon in February 2023, and director Peyton Reed has teased some huge cameos. The director commented: “Everyone is waiting for a lot of fun and some amazing faces that can appear in the quantum world.”

Given that the Marvel cinematic universe is in full swing right now, when it comes to the multiverse, Reed can have absolutely anyone in mind. Reddit users have an exciting choice of who they want to see in the third Ant-Man movie. Between the first Marvel family, a couple of forgotten faces, and even characters from non-MCU movies, Redditors got creative.


Even the most forgotten and inconsequential MCU movies are still important. Most recently, the studio, without any apologies and admiration, returned the Abomination from the Incredible Hulk, who had a cameo role in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings and will appear in The Hulk Woman.

Reddit user Yuvi3000 wants Marvel to do the same with Ultron, who was an incredible villain in the low-quality Avengers: The Age of Ultron. The Redditor comments: “Personally, I would like Ultron to return, and his return in the Ant-Man movie will be related to his real origin from the comics.” This is definitely possible, as Ultron bots have even appeared in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness as Illuminati guards.

Fantastic 4

The release date of the long-awaited MCU movie “Fantastic 4” has finally been announced at this year’s MCU Comic-Con panel. But as Marvel Studios is known, the first Marvel family will most likely be featured in another movie before their own solo release. This user wants this movie to be a Quantum Mania, and even predicts when a superhero team will appear.

Redditor notes: “I still think F4 will be the scene after the credits. I do not know why, I had a feeling that they could be trapped in the quantum realm.” Mr. Fantastic and the team stuck in the quantum world is a popular theory among MCU fans, and frankly, it explains why the superhero team has been missing for the last 10 years.

Hulk/War Machine

Since rumors about World War Hulk have been going around for some time, and the Armor Wars Disney+ series has been under development for, it seems, forever, not a word about any project at Comic-Con in San Diego did not cause much disappointment. However, this can be fixed by including them both in Quantumania. MarvelWizard17 wants two minor characters to appear in the triquel.

The Redditor suggests, “Maybe the Hulk or the War Machine teamed up with them? They established some fun interactions with them in Avengers: Finale. Bruce Banner developed some rapport with Scott Lang when experimenting with time travel, so it would be a missed opportunity if the series didn’t take advantage of it again.

Phil (from “Groundhog Day”)

Last year, it was announced that Bill Murray would play an undisclosed role in the upcoming film. And while some predict he’s playing Scott’s father, or even Scott from the future, Gr8NonSequitur has another theory they’re trying to implement. The Redditor wants Murray to be in the role of Phil, one of the cast characters from the classic 1993 romcom, commenting, “If it involves time travel, he should play Phil from Groundhog Day.

The user puts two and two together, as the movie of the 90s, although not exactly about time travel, tells about how Phil got stuck in a time loop. To be fair, since the Ant-Man series is one of the MCU series that relies heavily on visual jokes and comedy, the idea is not entirely ridiculous and unrealistic.

The Young Avengers

“The Young Avengers” is clearly taking shape in the MCU, as Miss Marvel, America Chavez, Kate Bishop and many others were introduced in Phase 4, and it’s obviously getting closer to the inevitable Phase 6 movie. However, JohannSchmidt1943 wants the superhero team to appear in Quantum Mania in advance. In response to the statement that Quantumania will be bigger than its predecessors, the Redditor commented: “I hope ‘more’ means something like the Young Avengers or the West Coast Avengers.”

There’s not much difference between the two superhero teams, as both feature mostly the same heroes, only the West Coast Avengers are based in California. Given that the Ant-Man series takes place in San Francisco and uses the unique look of the city, the Avengers of the West Coast are quite likely.

Yellow Jacket

Zom-bom wants Darren Cross, aka Yellow Jacket, to return to the series. Cross was the villain in Ant-Man 2015, and as a Redditor user notes, “they hinted that the Yellow Jacket is alive.” At the end of Ant-Man, Scott becomes subatomic in order to get into Cross’s suit and kill him, and although he is presumed dead, this may not be the case.


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