10 Best Shows like Roswell, New Mexico


Now that the final season is airing in Roswell, New Mexico, fans are hoping their favorite characters will get the epic send-off they deserve. While Season 4 was a good start for iconic couples Michael and Alex, Liz and Max, it looks like their happy ending will have to wait, as a new threat has just hit the city.

However, while the final episode is still a long way off, some fans may already be looking to the future and wondering what else they could watch that could replace Roswell, New Mexico. Fortunately, there are plenty of shows that have as many interesting novels, groundbreaking mysteries and characters that are just as interesting as here.

Smallville (2001-2011)
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Tracing the early years of Clark Kent’s life, “The Secrets of Smallville” takes place in a fictional Kansas town and is the story of Superman growing up. Viewers will catch a glimpse of iconic Superman villains like Lex Luthor, but the Kryptonian has yet to take on the mantle of “Man of Steel.”

This is what sets Smallville apart from any other Superman adaptation. Here is a young, vulnerable alien who is just trying to impersonate a human and lead a normal teenage life. Only later in life is he burdened with leadership and responsibility. Thus, viewers will be able to draw parallels between Clark and Max Evans from Roswell.

Lost Pines (2015-2016)
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With an aesthetic very similar to “Twin Peaks”, “Wayward Pines” is based on the attempts of a US federal agent to find his missing peers in a mysterious titled city. However, after he woke up from his coma, he seems to have woken up in a new future, where Wayward Pines is a fenced-off institution under an authoritarian regime.

The Hulu sci-fi TV show is an interesting example of a show that makes full use of sinister scenery. The city of Wayward Pines is an ideal place to unravel dark secrets. As in Roswell, New Mexico, Wayward Pines is also based on a series of novels. It is possible to draw a contrast between the figures of the sheriffs in the series and their influence on these cities, since Max from Roswell is also the deputy sheriff of the city.

Dark (2017 – 2020)
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As is customary with most viewers, “Darkness” is a stunning show. The German original, one of the most famous international shows on Netflix, subverts familiar stereotypes about time travel, creating an exciting story spanning generations of the family.

The plot is based on the disappearance of two boys in a small German town. As the mystery unfolds, the secrets of the city’s traumatic past are revealed, as well as the double life that the townspeople lead. With alien characters living in Roswell, Mexico, series featuring secret seasons will be a big success for fans, and the best choice is definitely Dark.

True Blood (2008 – 2014)
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When a barmaid from Louisiana discovers the ability to read minds, the vampires of her city come out of the shadows. Soon, the blood-sucking creatures plan to reveal their existence to the rest of the world.

Despite the fact that under other circumstances, the “True Blood” vampires are comparable to the aliens from Roswell, given that both groups were hiding among humans. In addition, Nathan Parsons, who plays James Kent, appears in the last season. Whether it’s a vampire in this one or an alien in Roswell, Parsons has a certain charm that sets him apart in both roles.

Very Strange Things (2016-)
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Given the phenomenon it has become, “Very Strange Things” needs no introduction. Starting with the disappearance of a boy and involving plot points involving teenage problems and espionage during the Cold War, “Very Strange Cases” turned into something more than just a detective series about the suburbs.

But one way or another, the city of Hawkins in Indiana acts as a recurring theme and influences the choice of many of the main characters in the best episodes of “Very Strange Cases”. It’s like the characters of Roswell, New Mexico, who also seem to be unearthing new secrets within their seemingly lifeless city. The way eleven is being pursued by scientists and security forces is also similar to the government plot against Max in Roswell.

Supergirl (2015-)
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As in “Smallville”, “Supergirl” not only tells about the exploits of its main character, but also focuses on the alien’s attempts to adapt to her. In some scenes, this can give both dramatic and humorous results. With the episodes taking place in the Arrow Universe, viewers can also expect a lot of action scenes supporting romantic and friendly aspects.

Just as Kara Zor-El struggles to keep her extraterrestrial secret to herself, Max, Michael and Isobel do their best not to give away the secret they share in Roswell, New Mexico.