10 Best Movies Similar to Hollywood Star girl


The movie “Star Girl” introduced the audience to the main character, a young woman who is proud of nonconformity, and its sequel, “Hollywood Stargirl”, continues her adventures when she moves to Hollywood with her mother. The sequel is as serious and well-intentioned as its predecessor, and is considered one of the best recent films released by Disney+.

It contains many elements that one would expect from a coming-of-age story, and in this respect it has a lot in common with other similar films, many of which are intended to be watched by Stargirl fans.

Better Nate than Ever (2022)
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Like many of the best films on Disney+, “Hollywood Stargirl” is partly about the power of self-acceptance. It’s also the central premise of “Better Nate Than Ever,” which is about a young man named Nate who sets out to become a star on Broadway. This is the type of film that wears its heart on its sleeve, and it wants the viewer to genuinely care about its characters and rejoice in their success.

There’s also no doubt that Ruby Wood is excellent as Nate, and considering this is his first role, it’s an even bigger achievement. More than anything, this film is a love letter to the transformative and utopian power of a Broadway musical.

Stargirl (2020)
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Despite the fact that “Hollywood Star Girl” can be played separately, she works especially well in tandem with her predecessor. This film not only introduces the audience to this charming character, but also shows how difficult the life of young people can be.

There’s definitely a nostalgic tone to the film that harks back to coming-of-age films from earlier periods of filmmaking, and that, combined with Grace Vanderwaal’s acting and Julia Hart’s direction, makes this film truly moving.

Three months (2022)
Broadcast on Paramount+

One of the most attractive features of Hollywood Stargirl is the emphasis on a positive image of teenage life. A similar dynamic is observed in the film “Three Months”, in which a young man discovers that he may have contracted HIV.

While waiting for the results, he discovers love and recognition in unusual places. This is a touching and very poignant film, especially thanks to the charming performance of the main character Troy Sivan, and he will undoubtedly become one of the best images of LGBTQ+ in cinema.

Amelie (2001)
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Amelie is considered one of the classics of French cinema, and it’s easy to see why. His main character is a waitress in Paris who, in order to fight her sense of loneliness, undertakes a mission to improve the lives of others.

This is a very bizarre film that immerses the viewer in the wonderful world of modern Paris. His heroine, like Stargirl, is somewhat nonconformist, and therefore the film will definitely appeal to fans of the Hollywood Stargirl.

10 things I Hate about you (1999)
Broadcast on Disney+

“10 Things I Hate about You” is in many ways a paradigmatic film for teenagers. This is a free adaptation and modern interpretation of Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew, and there is no doubt that there is a great chemistry between the main characters Julia Stiles and Heath Ledger.

Like the “Hollywood Stargirl”, the main character, Kat Stiles, is a strict nonconformist, a person who does not allow the expectations of others to control her behavior. Thanks to a skillful combination of Shakespearean comedy and school angst, this film has stood the test of time.

High School Musical (2006)
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One of the things that “Hollywood Stargirl” excels at is capturing the mixed fear and joy inherent in the teenage experience. A similar dynamic is observed in the “Cool Musical”, which was an extremely successful offer from the Disney Channel.

As the name suggests, it is dedicated to various high school students who compete for a place in the school musical. Although it can be a little sentimental at times, there is no doubt that there is a lot of chemistry between the main characters, and the music is contagiously joyful.

With love, Simon (2018)
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Like many great stories about growing up teenagers, “Hollywood Stargirl” shows a lot of traps with which young people have to overcome their life path. This also applies to Simon, the main character of “Love, Simon”, who must not only come to terms with his sexuality, but also struggle with the possibility that he may be released from school.

The film shows how difficult it can still be to come out, although, fortunately, it ends happily.

Never been kissed (1999)
Broadcast on Disney+

Drew Barrymore has starred in many wonderful films, and it’s fair to say that “Not Kissed” is one of her best offerings. In the film, she plays a reporter tasked with covering the lives of high school students.