10 best MCU pairs from the fourth phase


Spoiler Alert: This article contains spoilers for the movie “Thor: Love and Thunder”.

Thor: Love and Thunder reunites Thor and Jane Foster after a long separation lasting almost ten years in the MCU. Although their breakup seemed like an admission that the relationship didn’t work out, the new film shows how Thor and Jane are among the best couples of the fourth phase, finding love and camaraderie on the other side of grief.

Grief and trauma play a big role in the fourth phase, complicating almost all relationships in the MCU. The best couples from recent movies and streaming series demonstrate how love transcends absolute grief and even space and time, as does the romance between Aisha and Hassan, Kamala Khan’s great-grandparents, in “Miss Marvel.” The best couples also deal with the extraordinary circumstances that can only be created in superhero movies to find a little happiness in the chaos.

Alexey and Melina

Although Alexey Shostakov and Melina Vostokoff live as a couple in Ohio in the 1990s, this is a cover for their true mission of Russian spies. Despite this, they share a deep love and respect for each other, which makes them a wonderful couple of the fourth phase. Their mutual attraction after reuniting a few years later turns out to be sweet.

“Black Widow” in many ways explores the nature of the family beyond the traditional idea of it, and Alexey and Melina prove that love persists despite the difficult problems that often arise in the MCU, especially in the fourth phase.

Steven and Leila (and Mark)

Moon Knight and Leila have a complicated relationship involving two people, but three (and possibly more) personalities. Leila’s past romance and the complicated story with Mark Spector turn out to be quite fascinating in themselves, but her promising romance with Stephen Grant makes them one of the best couples of the fourth phase.

Comic book fans know that Moon Knight has a variety of personalities, including Jake Lockley, and Layla’s feelings for each of them are likely to create a dramatic future for everyone in the future.

Shang-Chi and Katie

Shang-Chi and Katie spend quite a lot of time in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings arguing with the idea that they are a couple, but by the end it seems that they are. Few couples in the fourth phase spend as much time together or enjoy each other as they do. Their love of music and general humor help them stay in touch during major upheavals in their lives.

Their friendship forms a solid foundation on which their romance is built, and it is likely that they will sing “Hotel California” in karaoke bars for years to come.

Loki and Sylvia

Loki and Sylvia are a charming couple in the TV series “Loki”. Although both are considered to be among the best versions of Loki in the series, they exist as completely different people with different stories. They share an unwillingness to get close to anyone caused by different but equally difficult circumstances, and their gradual recognition of each other humanizes both.

Few MCU characters arouse Loki’s feelings as much as Sylvia, and by the end of the series he has forgotten about his ambitions for the sake of his glorious goal and cares only about her and her safety.

Hawkeye and Mockingbird

The MCU usually exposes its couples to difficulties, but Clint and Laura Barton turn out to be the most stable and persistent. The discovery that Laura served as a Mockingbird (hinted at by a few not-so-subtle hints in “Hawkeye”) only adds luster to their pair. Both served as agents, but fiercely fought for life and a home for their family.

Their marriage, largely isolated from the chaotic world of the Avengers, is a rare example of family happiness in the fourth phase. Many characters cope with grief and trauma, and although the Bartons have their own problems, they are persistent.

Aisha and Hassan

Mehvish Hayat as Aisha and Fawad Khan as Hassan, Kamala Khan’s great-grandfather and great-grandmother, instantly became an iconic couple in Miss Marvel. Their romance begins when Aisha arrives at Hassan’s rose grove, and is immediately attracted. Their story ends in tragedy, but their unique story spans space and time, creating cosmic love in just a few scenes.

Comic book fans know that Ms. Marvel gets her superpowers from the Inhumans of Terrigen Mist, but the MCU’s decision to change her backstory allowed the series to create a fantastic pair, original for live action.

The Scarlet Witch and the Vision

Scarlet Witch and Vision are a strong and intriguing couple, defying conventions. Their romance, born of grief and circumstances, apparently ends in tragedy with the death of Vision in Avengers: Infinity War and Wanda on Mount Wundagor, but their connection exists beyond any ordinary meaning.

Vision’s look and his understanding of Wanda gave her a chance to rebuild the family she had lost, and her extraordinary power rewrote reality so that their incredible family became possible.