10 Bad Movies that Turned out to be Good, according to Reddit


Despite the fact that the film “Jurassic World: Dominion” failed with critics (30% points on Rotten Tomatoes), it turned out to be a hit with the audience, receiving approval in the range of 70%. It is clear that this is a very good example of a well-known cinematic phenomenon: films that should be bad, but despite all the difficulties, actually turn out to be good.

In fact, Reddit users helped identify a number of supposedly bad films that, contrary to what critics and some viewers thought, actually turned out to be good. movie.

Meg (2018)
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The creature movie is one of the most popular genres in Hollywood cinema, and Meg helps illustrate why. With its story about a group of scientists who encounter a giant shark, it has everything you would expect from such a movie.

Although it didn’t impress critics, some Reddit users, like GO-KARRT, spoke about their unexpected pleasure, writing about how they postponed their plans, “because I wanted to see how much it could come out. I’m not disappointed and I’m looking forward to continuing.” This indicates its unexpected appeal to the audience.

The Lost City (2022)
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Sandra Bullock is one of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood, who has played many wonderful roles. One of her best recent offerings is “The Lost City,” in which she plays a novelist who is unexpectedly kidnapped by a wealthy tycoon and tasked with finding the lost city.

It’s a mix of romantic comedy and adventure film, in which Bullock’s comedic talents are used to great effect. This certainly made an impression on Melk-boy, who wrote that he “really made me laugh.” This is a testament to the ultimate success of the film and the awareness of its central function.

Lego Movie (2014)
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Few animated films have received the same level of recognition as the Lego Movie. Thanks to his clever writing, witty sense of humor and ability to make fun of various pop culture franchises, he soon demonstrated that he deserved much more trust than it might initially seem.

This is pointed out by agentdoubleohio, who writes: “The Lego movie didn’t look very good in the original trailers, and this idea didn’t really excite my imagination. But damn it, I was wrong, it was so good and I loved every minute.”

Evan the Almighty (2007)
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Steve Carell has played many wonderful roles, and although Evan the Almighty is not often seen as one of them, he nevertheless demonstrates his considerable talents. Indeed, one of the best creative decisions of the film is the choice of Carell for the role of the main character, because he brings his considerable charm and charisma to this role.

As Zealousideal_Way_165 says: “Evan Almighty, I didn’t even remember that Steve Carell was in the original movie at all.” The fact that the filmmakers managed to turn a relatively minor role into a major role indicates that even a low-quality film can become enjoyable.

The Fall of Olympus (2013)
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Several notable and rather enjoyable political thrillers have been released, and various parts of the Has Fallen series are evidence of the enduring popularity of this genre. The first is a particularly strong work, in which the main role is played by Gerard Butler, who brings his charisma of an action hero to the role of a Secret Service agent.

It was also highly appreciated by Reddit users, who noted its surprisingly high quality. As Melk-boy simply put it: “I love these movies. I didn’t plan on it.”

300: Rise of an Empire (2014)
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There are many wonderful films set in the ancient world, and the original “300 Spartans” was one of them. “300 Spartans: The Rise of an Empire” is a kind of prequel to this film, showing the sequence of events that led to Xerxes becoming the semi—divine being that he was.

This is a stylish and brutal film with a number of excellent roles, including Eva Green. G_Town_Wulf says they are “a complete explosion in the theater.” This is definitely a movie that rewards a theatrical experience full of adrenaline and breathtaking adventures.

The unbearable weight of a huge talent (2022)
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Nicolas Cage is the type of actor who doesn’t take himself too seriously. In fact, as the “Unbearable Weight of a huge talent” shows, he is actually someone who understands his stellar persona well and the role he plays in the cultural imagination. In this regard, the film is very self-reflective, and there is a lot of chemistry between Cage and Pedro Pascal.

Jesternarf describes his enjoyment of the film as follows: “I came out of the cinema, actually, pleasantly surprised by him. It’s pretty corny, but I wasn’t bored, and I laughed at some jokes.