10 Bad Experiences Experienced By Airbnb Users


What is Airbnb ? Some kind of real estate application. Airbnb application, which brings together tenants who want to rent a house or a room in their house, was made available in 2008 and brought great sound at that time. Airbnb still used by millions of people, especially for short-term and affordable home can be a very good solution for students looking for.

Of course Airbnb is not the perfect app. Although millions of people are using it, the name of the application is often referred to as scandalous events. The name of the application is very badly affected because people who rent a house or room through Airbnb are victimized.

10 bad experiences experienced by Airbnb users

Victim-side Airbnb guests; Location Budapest; Ignoring the refund conditions:

In 2017, two Turks are renting a house on Airbnb 2 months in advance as they will go to Budapesh on 27 January. The planes of these two people who booked the house by paying the fee were canceled due to the snow storm on 27 January. Because of this, Airbnb’ye young people who want to refund the case and unfortunately rejected by the company.

Refund conditions due to weather conditions, despite the fact that the item is returned Airbnb, the people paid as a result of long efforts are being returned some of the money. But the so-called full refund guarantee Airbnb, unfortunately due to the inconvenience of the money remained unfortunately in the class.

Victim-side Airbnb guests; Location USA, Florida. Hidden camera scandal:

We know you’re surprised when you read the title, but believe us, this is one of the simplest. Max Vest, an Airbnb user who moved to the US state of Florida because of his work, found a nice home for him. When Max Vest met with the host application, the host’s name in the application was Ray. When confronted, the man identified himself as Ralph. The house had high scores, Max ignored the situation.

Having very good comments about Ray (Ralph), who had a beautiful Airbnb profile, completely eliminated Max’s question marks. Although the first week was very nice, Max Vest, who came to his house one evening, noticed a light a little ahead of his guest room. As he moved towards the light, he realized that it was a rectangular box, and when he got a little closer, he realized it was two hidden cameras.

Max immediately left the house with his clothes and bags as well as the cameras’ memory card. You can say what crime Airbnb has in this case. However, although Max did not inform the company that he would file a lawsuit against the host, the company did not share Ray’s real credentials due to user privacy.

The company, which did not refuse Max Vest, had paid it back and placed it in a hotel. Vest, who did not give up on the incident, handed the company to the court in accordance with the Yas Law on Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices ’through his lawyer. In addition, the investigation revealed that the person who identified himself as Ray and in fact Ralph in practice was not the real owner of the house.

Victim party Airbnb host; Location Spain, Alicante – reviews, photos

This time the scandal of our list in 2016, Alicante, Spain, lived in the city for about 2 years over Airbnb stating that more than 40 rooms Kippy’s user, because of the last guest almost cooled down from Airbnb.

Kippy, who runs a small hostel with her boyfriend, said that a couple who rented a room from the practice, the discomfort of the environment increased slightly when the dose of sexuality increased. At first, Kippy, the host, doubted that there were no comments and points, but said he thought they were more Airbnb users because they were sweet-tongued.

Afterwards, Kippy went to the room and said that despite the warnings, the couple continued to do what they had done, even if the host had come to the room. Strange, but true. At Airbnb, not only the guests but also the landlords live.

The victim party is Airbnb itself; Location America, New York; Real estate gang:

Airbnb, which has a large market in the USA, appeals to many users, especially in New York City. But it seems that the biggest problem for the company is opened from there. So much so that Airbnb allegedly cooperates with the fraud gang of a man called Mr. Beckman. The company, struggling with lawsuits filed by dozens of homeowners, is trying to win cases with its army of lawyers.

And who is this legendary Mr. Beckman? Although he was an ordinary sales consultant who used to work for a real estate agent in New York, he soon became rich thanks to Airbnb. Having met Airbnb by chance, Mr. Beckman began to use the Airbnb app when he saw how well those who rented their homes made money from tourists. But because he didn’t have a house to rent, Mr. Beckman developed a system that was unbelievable.

According to the allegations in the lawsuits, Mr. Beckman first rents the houses given to the real estate agent he works with cheaply and then advertises them on Airbnb for more price as if they were his own. Adding dozens of homes to his profile in a short time, Mr. Beckman earns so well that he resigns from his job and starts his own real estate company. Over time, this man, unable to keep up with the work, convinces two of his old friends from where he works and partners with him.

Mr. Beckman, who also included his ex-boss’s wife, was able to form a 4-member Airbnb gang, 3 men and 1 woman. Realtors coming to rent cheap homes from the gang that rented the extra Airbnb like their own homes, finally with the discovery of a landlord was exposed. It was discovered that Mr. Beckman, who was arrested and arrested on the complaint, had dozens of houses rented.

We know that when looking at it like this, Airbnb doesn’t seem to blame, but the problem is, why didn’t he ask Mr. Beckman and his gang when Airbnb advertisers were asking for evidence that they belonged to their homes? Why did Mr. Beckman make so much fraud at Airbnb that he made more than $ 85,000 in just a few weeks? We’re not the prosecution’s prosecutor.

Airbnb is expected to be sentenced to such a punishment, along with Mr. Beckman, who has been fined heavily as a result of prolonged trials. In addition, as a result of the war launched by the city of New York against the company Airbnb’nin suffered a significant decrease in share.

Victim party Airbnb host; Location America, New York; We’re going, brother.

Whatever happens to Airbnb is always from New Yorkers. This time the head of the company got into trouble because of sex parties. Allegedly American comedian Ari Teman, Airbnb’ye on behalf of renting his house because he went abroad for work. The house was soon held by a woman named Carter for the “Turn Up Part 2: The Pantie Raid” party.

Ari Teman was told that there would be only a few old friends at the party, drinking champagne and talking about memories. Relying on this, Ari Teman, who rented his house and went to England, came back a few days later and saw that his house was sealed by the police. And the police were looking for Ari Teman everywhere.

Ari Teman, who learned the facts at the police station, learned that the people who rented his house had an unauthorized party at home. So there was a group of people who had all kinds of sexual intercourse in Teman’s house. In fact, the house renters, “” XXX FREAK FEST, “he invited people to the party by tweeting. According to Carter, who was interviewed about the incident, it was a very small party.

Victim party Airbnb host; Location America, New York; Death of a guest:

Jessica Penzari, a journalist and presenter, placed her newly bought house for rent on Airbnb. Only a few days later, the house was held by a woman who identified herself as a soldier. Although everything was normal in the first few weeks, Jessica Penzari’s life was blown away. The person who rented his house was a prostitute and was gunned down by a client whom he could not agree on.

Victim party Airbnb host; Location Sweden, Stockholm. The rented house was operated as a brothel:

In an incident in Sweden, two women found a rental ad on Airbnb and held the house. The women, who introduced themselves as relatives, rented the house saying that they would live alone. But the women who soon turned the house into a brothel seized the collar upon the complaint of the neighbors, and were arrested and arrested for running an illegal brothel.

Victim party Airbnb host; Location America, New York; Deviant tenant

A woman named Rachel Bassini placed an ad on Airbnb to rent the attic of her house. The house is rented by an extremely stylish looking man with a wife and a child. Rachel Bassini, who thought that the loft had been rented to a family, soon realized the truth.

Because the man who rented the house was a pervert. Both the man who ruined the attic and he left hundreds of used condoms and sperm stains on the walls and floors. The man was arrested and arrested.

Victim party Airbnb host; Location America, New York; Airbnb robbed host because:

Yes, you didn’t read the title wrong. In 2008, a woman’s house was robbed because of the Airbnb application. The application, which was just released at the time, did not have a user privacy policy and shared the information of all its users.

As such, there was a perfect opportunity for thieves. This sad event happened to a woman who gave her house for rent through the application. The thieves or thieves who robbed the house by going to the address of the house in the advertisement had stolen the woman’s jewelry, electronic devices and clothes. After the incident, the company paid a large amount of compensation to the victimized woman.

Victim party Airbnb host; located in France, Paris; 45 thousand from guest to host:

23-year-old Laurie Synakowski, who made a living by modeling and dancing, rented her house through Airbnb to provide additional income. Laurie Synakowski thought that I earned additional income. Because the person who rented the house turned the house into a complete ruin. The cost of the house Laurie Synakowski’ye 45 thousand TL exploded.

These scandalous events in Airbnb do not mean that every house rented is bad and all the landlords suffer. Indeed, knowing that such incidents took place can make it easier for both tenants and landlords to make more cautious choices.

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