10 Amazing Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do in Madden NFL 23


It would be an exaggeration to say that Madden NFL 23 is an overhaul of a typical formula. Those who have played in the past years will not learn new controls or buttons to have a basic understanding of the game. However, this year there are more changes than in previous years.

Most of these changes are aimed at making life easier for gamers, who are often confused by complex and outdated systems. However, Madden NFL 23 hides a lot under the surface, both new features that players don’t know about yet, and old features that have become relevant again.

10. Have several professions

Unlike in previous years, when each career had its own save file, gamers can and are interested in having multiple careers at the same time. Want to make the best stopping turn the league has ever seen and then try a quarterback? Go ahead.

The incentive here is that raising the level of each career path will increase the experience gained by the player in the yard. The Yard forces gamers to play in multiple positions, so gamers who take advantage of this career will be one step ahead.

9 Fighting for extra yard

Animation has been the bane of gamers for the franchise for years, and the gameplay is still largely based on animation. However, there are cases when the game does not end just because a sequence of captures has begun. At these moments, press the button (A on Xbox, X on PlayStation) to move forward.

However, be careful, as the opponents also have a return button, so the stronger player will win this battle. In addition, they can deprive the ball, so it may be better to just give up after a larger defender enters the fight.

8 Strip or Drive Back Ball Holders

As mentioned earlier, not only runners have additional tools. Defending players can drop the players they are blocked on instead of just letting the animation finish. With enough strength and endurance, this can throw back even the best runners.

For a more aggressive game, hit the ball. For runners struggling for extra yards, the right bumper could potentially knock the ball out of the rut. The trade-off is that they can gain an extra yard during a tackle, but the chance to take the ball away is often worth the risk.

7. Assistance in selection and groping

This year, additional animations have been added for players who come to help with the podcast. The last leap forward is no longer inevitable. Even if the best defenders in the game keep the player in check, some help can prevent an extra yard or two.

Even more interesting are new ways to make players fumble. Hitting the ball while grabbing the carrier, even unintentionally, often leads to groping the ball. This is especially true for sacks, so keep folding the pocket even when the quarterback drops.

6 Play Ultimate Team alone

Judging by the analysis of achievements, a huge number of players never open Madden Ultimate Team. And this is completely normal, obviously, the whole regime can be a trap for money. There are rumors that football fans just completely avoid this mode.

However, those who don’t feel the need to shell out a lot of money for one of the best quarterbacks in the game can have fun for free. In Madden Ultimate Team there are many single challenges for those who like casual games with respect to the wallet.

5 Disable injuries (or increase them)

Beginners should know that there are many settings that you can play with. Those who are in the “Franchise” and “Franchise Face” modes should know that disabling injuries can significantly improve the experience. A star player out for a year is not that much fun.

For those who like chaos, settings can also allow for very frequent injuries. Those who are confident in their depth tables may like it, especially those who have a team of fighters ready to unload a takedown with a shock stick.

4 Throw on points instead of players

New this year: Gamers can turn on a place transfer that will target a point on the field, rather than a simple player. It may take some time to get used to, but it’s extremely valuable when you want to hit an inclined player on the move or when you need a deep bomb in tight cover.

A throw right in front of the recipient’s location will devastate opponents, both AI-controlled and human-controlled. Mastering this style of throwing will force opponents to demand a correction of the game in order to deprive the advantage of the throw.

3 Control how well the attacking line blocks

It never happens that players will have an offensive line full of beasts and they will be surprised by how early they all release their blocks. What’s going on here? Why do these great athletes suddenly have a bad pass? The answer is unwittingly triggered by the player.


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