10 actors Who Could Play a Black cat in Spider-Man Movies


Felika Hardy, better known as the Black Cat, is one of the main elements of knowledge about Spider-Man, being a recurring character not only in Spider-Man comics, but also in various video games and animated series. An antihero in the same vein as DC’s Catwoman, Black Cat acts as a villain who has become a reluctant ally and love interest to Spider-Man. To this day, their relationship is constantly changing both romantically and professionally.

Due to the fact that Spider-Man’s travels around the world, space travel and multiverse adventures in the MCU have recently been quite neatly completed, moviegoers expect Marvel Studios to continue the Spider’s story with films in which he will see how he fights street enemies. If so, then it’s time to introduce the gray-haired robber cat to the MCU. However, it remains only to guess which actor will play her.

Anya Taylor-Joy

A constant popular choice for Felika Hardy, Anya Taylor-Joy constantly appears in the Twitter and Reddit fan casts for a good reason.

She is perhaps best known for her roles in The Queen’s Gambit and The Witch. It is Taylor-Joy’s performance in “Last Night in Soho” that positions her as the great Felica Hardy. In the role of Sandy, Anya Taylor-Joy demonstrates a confident but embittered game that would perfectly suit the character of Felicia Hardy, especially contrasting with the game of Tom Holland. On top of that, she has an aesthetic that fits the feline antihero perfectly.

Elle Fanning

Ella Fanning famously played Catherine, the Empress of Russia, in the ongoing series The Great. However, it is her work in The Neon Demon that makes her a particularly good choice for the Black Cat.

In the film, Fanning plays an aspiring model with a difficult past, whose success quickly turns her into a narcissist. This performance may well transform into a cuter, restless Felika Hardy, who becomes a confident and mysterious Black Cat as a cover.

Zazie Bitz

Despite the fact that Domino has already played in Deadpool 2, Disney’s acquisition of FOX casts doubt on the status of Deadpool films as an MCU canon. So she’s free to play other characters in the Marvel universe, and who’s better than a Black Cat?

Zazie Bitz could bring Domino’s brash personality and combine it with the impressive dramatic and comedic abilities she demonstrates in Atlanta to attract the very pretty Felica Hardy to the MCU. First of all, it would be incredibly interesting to see her interpretation of the character playing the role of the awkward Peter Parker Holland.

Sydney Sweeney

The news of Sydney Sweeney’s casting in “Madame Web,” another of Sony’s many Spider-Man spin-offs, led fans to predict that she would play the Black Cat almost immediately.

Whether in the MCU or in a Sony-owned spin-off, Sweeney will certainly make a great Felica Hardy. Her dramatic abilities, as seen in “Euphoria,” are particularly suited to the more adult tone Marvel Studios is likely to choose in its next Spider-Man films, given that Peter will no longer be a high school student living with his aunt.

Sydney Chandler

Sidney Chandler is a promising actor who can be seen in the role of Chrissie Hynde in Danny Boyle’s “Pistol”, and this is really one of the most striking roles in the series.

Chandler certainly has the cool factor needed to play the stylish and confident Felica Hardy, as well as the ability for vulnerability that can be seen in the Pistol. Watching her play a multi-layered, contradictory Black Cat in this way can create an interesting romantic dynamic between her and Spider-Man.

Natalia Dyer

Since “Very Strange Things” is due to end after another season, Natalia Dyer’s schedule will be much less busy than usual, and thus she may be able to take on a new long-playing role, such as Black Cat in the MCU.

Dyer may not be an obvious choice for a character, but Marvel Studios likes to make unexpected cast choices. Her unique aesthetic and charisma would make an instantly cute Black Cat that Spider would try his best not to like despite her criminal actions.

Samara weaving

The name of Samara Weaving, best known for her role in “Ready or Not”, is mentioned again and again in many fan performances of “Black Cat”. It’s enough to Google “Samara weaves a black cat” to find dozens of fan photo-processing of her character.

Weaving is no stranger to beating up bad guys in a superhero costume, he’s already doing it in the G.I Joe spin-off Snake Eyes. Fans could easily see that Samara is leaning more towards a serious, gray-haired version of the character, similar to her game at the end of “Ready or Not.”

Margaret Qually

Margaret Qually has appeared in many popular works over the past few years, including Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and Death Stranding, a video game by Hideo Kojima. With such a track record, maybe it’s time to make your MCU debut.